If you already have a Bison Rig that you'd like to extend or are planning to design and build one, we've put a list together of all our rig components to help you create your perfect rig setup. Our Gym Builder is ideal for planning and creating your very own gym, no matter the size or budget! If you need help with your rig design or want something you can't find, please call us on 01922 618 780 or email us at sales@wolverson-fitness.com

Uprights & Extensions

2.5m upright

The Staple of all Bison Series Rigs, the 2.5m upright available for singular order. Made from 75mm box section with 25 laser cut, numbered adjustment J-Hook holes.

Connector Bars

Connector Bar

These are finished with a sand grain powder coat texture to help provide additional grip. Being rough enough to grip but not too rough to rip!


Multi Grip Pull Up Bar

Add additional pull up variations to your rig with the Multi Grip Pull Up Bar. Featuring 6 different pull up/chin up variations, this bar can be used to replace a 1050mm connector bar.

Storage Solutions

Bumper Storage Shelf

Neatly store your plates with this attachable modular storage solution. Made from commercial grade steel with 5mm end plates for additional reinforcement

Additional Components

J-Hooks / J-Cups

Our Bison Series J-hook is designed to hold your barbell safe and secure by its 12mm chassis. With liners front and back to protect both your knurl and your Rig from the dreaded metal on metal.

Boxing Bag Bracket

Boxing Bags, Rigs & Ropes but nowhere to anchor them? This attachment allows you to safely anchor all kinds of attachments needed in a modern-day gym—simply bolting the attachment onto a Bison Series Trawler Arm or a Bison Series RHS Bar.