Customise your rig and rack by adding a variety of Bison attachments! Rig attachments will let you get the most out of your space and increase the exercise selection available to you and your gym users.

Single Pulley Attachment

The most versatile use of your space should include a pulley system. Either mountable to any of our Bison Series Racks or  directly to a wall. The single pulley attachment offers the functionality of a full size pulley but with a smaller more compact design.

Safety Bars / Spotter Arms

These safety bars (also known as spotter arms) are a great addition to your rig as they allow you to safety squat without the need for a spotter. These safety bars and sold in pairs and rated up to 450kg.

Safety Straps

Easily mounted to the upright of all the Bison Series Rig system, the Bison Series Safety Straps attachment instantly adds more versatility to your Bison rig. Made from Heavy duty heavy, these straps are suitable for 1050mm Rigs and Racks

Dip Attachment

Create a dip station on your rig with this dip attachment, dips are a great bodyweight exercise for building your chest and triceps. This attachment is rated for a maximum weight of 300kg and is made from commercial grade 75mm box section steel.

Lat Pulldown Seat Attachment

Attack your back with the lat pulldown seat attachment. It enables customisation of the seat height using two durable, PVC-coated hitch pins. No matter your height, our attachment is suitable for all users. The leg roller pads boast their own customisable settings with adjustability holes, controlled by a simple pull pin, making it an all-round solution for everyone's needs.

J-Hooks / J-Cups

Our Bison Series J-hook is designed to hold your barbell safe and secure by its 12mm chassis. With liners front and back to protect both your knurl and your Rig from the dreaded metal on metal.

Dual Wall Ball Target

Add versatility to your HIIT workouts with the addition of our dual wall ball target. This includes 2 x 30cm targets that can be mounted directly onto the top of the rig uprights, bringing the total height of the top target to 339cm.

Kettlebell Holder

Keep your kettlebells off the floor & organised with this Bison Series Kettlebell Holder. Ideal for garage gyms and studios where space is at a premium! This can also be mounted onto a wall with the correct fixings.

Weight Spigot / Weight Holder

Keep all your weights in arms reach! The Bison Weight Spigot has been designed to be attached to the side of your rig to help store your weight plates in a safe and organised way. 


Build bulletproof hamstrings with the Bison Series Nordic Curl Attachment. Designed to attach to all our Bison Series Uprights, this Nordic Curl has 7 different height options and is a must-have for hamstring and knee health!

Hip Thruster

Upgrade your rig and add even more exercise selection! This hip thruster attachment is a multi-use attachment that lets you perform glute ham raises, single-leg squats and hip thrusts. Made 10mm commercial grade steel, this attachment is a great way upgrade to your rig.

Monolift J-Hooks

Monolift J-Hooks are a must for squatting as it allows the athlete to manoeuvre and adjust the set-up of the barbell safely and effectively. The design features rotating lever arms that move out of the way once the lift commences. 

Roller J-Hooks

Protect your barbell and j-hooks with the roller j-hooks. The design features rotating cylindrical rollers and locking pins that allow any athlete to manoeruvre and adjust their set-up without picking up and sliding the barbell. This allows you to easily central the barbell within the rack when performing exercises such as the squat or overhead press.

Rig Mounted Grappler Sleeve

Mounted directly onto the side of your Bison Rig, this grappler sleeve landmine attachment can unlock new exercises with your barbell. This design can pivot 180 degrees and rotate a full 360 degrees in one fluid motion. Combine with the Wolverson Jammer and Landmine attachment to unlock even more exercise selection.

Single Bar Holder

Keep your gym tidy with the Single Bar Holder. This simple yet effective design keeps your barbell stored upright on the side of your rig or mounted onto a wall.

Battle Rope Anchor

Designed to be attached onto a rig or directly onto a wall/floor, the battle rope anchor is a must have for your battle rope exercises. This anchor creates a permanent and secure fixing point for your battle ropes and resistance bands.

Boxing Bag Bracket

Boxing Bags, Rigs & Ropes but nowhere to anchor them? This attachment allows you to safely anchor all kinds of attachments needed in a modern-day gym—simply bolting the attachment onto a Bison Series Trawler Arm or a Bison Series RHS Bar.

Band Pegs

Designed to be attached onto a rigs and racks with RHS connector bars. These pegs slide through the holes and allow you to bring band training into your routine!

Resistance Band Holder

Keep your Bands and skipping ropes organised and off the floor with the Bison Series Band Holder. Designed to be bolted to the side of any Bison Series Upright.