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SB RACK // 40% OFF // ONLY £1079.99

SB RACK // 40% OFF // ONLY £1079.99

Wolverson GS Competition Kettlebells

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Unique Casting for Wolverson – Not an ‘off the shelf design’ unlike others on the market!

The Wolverson GS Competition Kettlebell has been designed after decades of feedback from GS kettlebell athletes. The design has been optimised for single handle work, providing a better fit around the handle and forearm.

The bell has a higher weight distribution compared to our Competition Kettlebell, putting the weight closer to your wrist, helping to reduce fatigue. The weight distribution has been optimised to reduce lateral slipping, whilst increasing the surface area of the bell that comes into contact with your forearm, helping to reduce pressure spots during high repetition work.

The side of the handles have been thickened and the shaped handles help spread the load on the hand, making rests more comfortable in the rack position.

Opened base means no filler has been used to make up the weight. Some kettlebells on the market has been packed with ‘filler’ to make the weight, this makes them cheaper to manufacture and the filler can compact over time, changing the weight distribution overtime.

If your workout consists of predominantly single-handed kettlebell lifts, then this is the ultimate kettlebell for you!


  • No kettlebell rattle with open aperture base design
  • 34mm (+/- 1mm) thick bare metal handles
  • Uniform design across all kettlebell sizes
  • Designed for single handed kettlebell movements
  • Compliant with IUKL and GSU standards

What’s different compared to the Competition kettlebell?

  • Higher weight distribution
  • Side of handles have been thickened
  • Reduce handle height
  • Designed for single handle movements

Recommended by kettlebell experts such as Sergey Rudnev, Mike Mahler and Steven Cotter.

Compliant with both the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) and the Girevoy Sport Union (GSU) standards and constructed using the most up to date casting methods we have produced a kettlebell that has a number of unique design features.




The external dimensions for competition kettlebells are of a uniform nature however handle designs can be altered within the rules of competition.

Each kettlebell, regardless of weight, is identical in size so you can train with consistent technique as you gain strength and progress.

The range is offered in the international Girevoy colour scheme for quick and easy weight identification by sight from anywhere in the room.

recommended by GSU

recommended by GSU

Designed after decades of feedback from GS kettlebell athletes and compliant with both the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) and the Girevoy Sport Union (GSU) standards and constructed using the most up to date casting methods.



We have utilised a solid one-piece casting with a hollow core and positioned the moving mass of the kettlebell where it is of most advantage to the lifter.

All filled kettlebells (which are cheaper to produce as sand is often used as the filler) have a moving mass in the bell, which over time can compact and create instability when in use as well as making audible noises.

Uniform design makes it easier to learn exercises safely and gradually increase the weight with 8 - 32kg sizes available.

Shorter handle height is designed for single hand, high repetition work

34mm (+/- 1mm) handle width is optimised for grip & comfort

Machined bottom with hollow core means all killer & no filler!


Each one of our kettlebells services a purpose, but which kettle is right for you? View our guide to help you decide which one is right for you based on your training style.


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