All-in-one tool

Kettlebells can be used to trained every muscle group in your body, plus can build your strength, endurance, flexibility and balancing training.

 Increased core stability

The essence of kettlebell training is explosive power whilst maximising acceleration and controlling the deceleration. These movement patterns help stimulate your core strength, without specifically targeting your core.

Increased Coordination

The dynamic kettlebell movements will help your body awareness & coordination as you focus your mind/muscle connection. Unlike conventional training methods using dumbbells and barbells, the design of a kettlebell allow them to be use side to side, between your legs, above your head and to be swung around!

Stabilisation muscles

Kettlebell training forces you to train with control, every aspect of the movement with require core strength and different stabilisation muscles that are not activated when using machines

Cardiovascular training

Kettlebells are not only used for muscle building, but can be used as a full-body conditioning and cardio tool. There are plenty of High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts with kettlebells that will help you burn fat

Break through plateaus

Kettlebells are great for learning to product speed and force from your hips. Kettlebell swings force help you build hip force, which can help you increase your squat and deadlifts!



If you want to take kettlebells seriously you want the Wolverson Competition Kettlebells!  Competition Ready - A staple for any strength, free weight or functional fitness training space, our calibrated Competition Kettlebells are designed to perform and built to last.
Consistent kettlebell sizing across the range and uniquely coloured weights make them a great strength training tool for effective total-body strength training - at home or at the gym.

Designed for Performance and Calibrated for Competition

With a focus on performance, our competition kettlebells use high-grade iron and a solid one-piece casting with a hollow core for exceptional durability.

Girevoy Sport Kettlebells

What is Girevoy Sport?

Girevoy Sport (also known as soft style) is a sport centered around kettlebell endurance, specifically in one-armed and two-armed versions of the following events: short cycle, long cycle, snatch. These type of kettlebell sport emphasises endurance, relaxation and smooth technique during a certain time. Each athlete has 10 minutes to complete as many reps as possible without putting the kettlebell down with 3 traditional weights being used, 16kg, 24kg and 32kg in each hand. As you’re performing the lift for repetitions, a fluid and highly skilled technique is required, compared to an explosive technique such as hard style.



A good GS kettlebell should be hollow and have a consistent shape across the weights, this allows for consistency of technique so your body gets programmed with the same movement patterns. GS has its own colour coding system: 16kg yellow, 24kg Green, 32kg red)

The Wolverson GS Competition Kettlebells have been designed with feedback from the GS community and recommended by and Sergey Rudnev, Mike Mahler, Steven Cotter. 

The unique shape has been designed with the biomechanics and ergonomics of the hand and forearm. Our GS Competition kettlebell has a shorter handle compared to the Competition Kettlebell, making it more comfortable to rest the bell against your forearm doing the top of a press.



Just getting started with kettlebells? The Colourt Cast Iron Kettlebells are ideal for you.

  • Wide base gives additional stability when performing floor work
  • Compact sizing
  • Constant handle sizing throughout the different sizes
  • Tall handle allows for exercises such as goblet squats and Halos
  • Ideal for starting out as the weight starts at 6kg
  • Suitable for double handed work with its wide handle
  • Colour coded design


What is Hardstyle?

Hardstyle is a style of kettlebell training that emphasises power and tension. It is called ‘hard’ because of its resemblance to the ‘hard’ martial arts, such as Tae Kwon Do and Karate where ‘hard’ means meeting force with an opposing force. It does not mean that it is more difficult than other kettlebell training styles. 

Origins of Hardstyle

Hardstyle training was born in the Special Operations Units of the Soviet Union in the 1970s. Select units adopted a karate-based style of hand-to-hand combat, focused on the energy in the snap of a swing or punch. Pavel Tsatsouline is credited for bringing hardstyle kettlebell training to the West when he founded the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) in 2001. In 2012 he founded StrongFirst, a school of strength that promotes hardstyle training techniques.

Kettlebell Design

The Black Series Kettlebells have been designed for explosive hardstyle kettlebell training and are the recommended kettlebell for StrongFirst Great Britain. These kettlebells look slightly different to our Competition kettlebells as they have a larger, flared handle which makes it suitable for both one and two handed work. The thicker handle will help build grip strength over time and make upside-down movements easier.

Our Black Series Kettlebells start from 6kg and increase up to 48kg - these kettlebells are ideal if you are just starting out on your Hardstyle journey or if you want to push yourself to the max! 



The Black Series Kettlebell embodies our 13 years of experience and knowledge working with world-renowned coaches. Using a gravity casting method and hand finishing, our Kettlebells leaves the finish second to none.

This Kettlebell handle is wide enough for 2 handed swings – so if you are a CrossFit athlete or work in boot camps it's the right solution for you.

This Kettlebell is perfect for all types of training with great handle clearance (even at 6kg it is safe for use if you are over 6ft tall).



The new Wolverson Adjustable Kettlebell is perfect for any training level. It has a 35mm handle diameter and similar casting to our GSU Kettlebells for a superior feel. A black powder coating finish adds durability and a sleek aesthetic. The versatile design ensures it can change weight from 12kg to 32kg without needing additional equipment.

  • The kettlebell that evolves with you, from 12kg to 32kg
  • 20 different kettlebell weight combinations can be made
  • Spacing saving design, only one kettlebell required


CrossFit kettlebell techniques

The CrossFit style of kettlebell lifting is a hybrid between Hardstyle and Girevoy Sport. The high repetition, time based nature of CrossFit means a lift must be explosive to complete as many reps as possible, but in a WOD you may also use other exercises such as Olympic Lifting, calisthenics and gymnastic movements. A hardstyle swing goes to eye level and has a full arc, but a CrossFit swing goes above the head and the athlete will keep you bell close to their body. This is where the philosophies of CrossFit and Hardstyle differ, it could be argued that no more power is produced over the head, but the counter argument is that it requires more effort to go above the head.

CrossFit kettlebell

As this technique is a hybrid between GS and hardstyle, there is no set style of kettlebell that is required. We would recommend using the Competition kettlebell, as it gives the flexibility of 2 handed work and the uniformed sizing lets the competitor build up their weight without compromising on technique.

Kettlebell Comparison


GS Competition

Coloured Cast Iron

Black Series
Sizes (kg) 4 - 48 8 - 32 6 - 32 6 - 48
Colour Identification x
Kettlebell Sport x x
'Hard Style' x x x
Floor Work
2kg increments*
Uniform Bell Sizing x x
Unifrm Handle Sizing
Price From £54.99 £59.99 £38.99 £36.99



Make your workout harder as you get stronger!

This innovative design makes it easy to add incremental weights to the bottom of your kettlebell, helping you up the weight without the need for another kettlebell. Three strong magnets keep the plate securely attached to the bottom of your kettlebell and won’t come off when you’re swinging!

Kettlebell Lifting Platform

Hand built, solid, dependable and built to last; a kettlebell lifting platform to help you perform at your very best.