Wolverson Adjustable Competition Kettlebell
Wolverson Adjustable Competition Kettlebell
Wolverson Adjustable Competition Kettlebell
Wolverson Adjustable Competition Kettlebell
Wolverson Adjustable Competition Kettlebell

Wolverson Adjustable Competition Kettlebell

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The kettlebell that evolves with you

The new Wolverson Adjustable Kettlebell is perfect for any training level.

It has a 35mm handle diameter and similar casting to our GSU Kettlebells for a superior feel. A black powder coating finish adds durability and a sleek aesthetic.

The versatile design ensures it can change weight from 12kg to 32kg without needing additional equipment.

Additional weights of 2, 3 and 4kg fit conveniently inside the kettlebell and bolt together, meaning no rattling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Christopher Maskill
Adjustable Kettlebell

Very good piece of equipment for aiding your step-up in weights, with increments as low as 1kg. Well made and should last. Only reservation is that you need to be carefull in securing the locking nut so weights don’t move. The spanner provided has too long an handle for inserting right inside the bell upper half (when using only a couple of the plate weights).

Imran A.
Perfect, but only after some TLC

I had to smooth some rough finishing on the underside of the handle, and also the inner-bolt thread where the plate-securing nut was sticking. These imperfections are fairly common with heavy-duty steel fabricated parts, and were fully resolved with a stainless steel scourer from the kitchen. A mark off nevertheless.

The main thing is I am now left with a perfect item. The parts are robust, fit together securely, and should last for donkeys. I can do different lifts at different weights, with a single item in the comfort of my living room. Delivery was rapid, free and well communicated. Their price was the best I could find for this item.

Disappointing finish

I got my adjustable kettlebell today and am a bit disappointed if I'm honest in the finish of it. For a start there's a few chips to the powder coating around the edge where the two halves of the shell join. Not a massive deal as it gets used as it's get a bit banged up no doubt.

More annoying is there are a couple of sharp burrs to the underside of the handle on one side. If you've holding it in the middle they won't get in the way but will do it you hold it slightly off-centre, and I could see these cutting up your hand. I suspect I'll be able to sand them down but still, I shouldn't have to do that to a new product (certainly not one costing this much and from a reputable brand like Wolverson).

It's disappointing that these QC issues weren't checked by Wolverson. As it is, they're probably not enough to go to the hassle (and cost) of returning the bell.

I've got a Black Series 20kg bell from Wolverson too (the older style I think with the colour-coded inlay) and the quality of that seems much higher than this adjustable bell. Obviously you're limited by a single fixed weight with that though.

I got this at a decent price in the recent sale (still expensive as a one-off payment but hopefully the range of weight will make up for the outlay in time as I get strong enough to go up in size), so I don't feel quite as bad about the issues I've found, but if I'd paid the full RRP I definitely wouldn't be massively happy with the product.

Rick Eccles
An absolute must

I have been debating buying the adjustable kettlebell for a while but kept putting it off. However, after finding myself at a crossroads where the jump in weight for exercises like clean and press were too much, I decided I needed smaller increments to keep making progress.

Had this for around 3 weeks and I absolutely love it. I was worried it would rattle with the weights inside (which would drive me mad) but so far it is rock solid, no squeeks or rattles and I am back to making progress with my KB training.

On the face of it, it seems expensive but when you factor in all the weights you get, it is a bargain.

Side note: weighed the Kettlebell at the specific weight I wanted and it was absolutely spot on.

Highly recommended.

Top quality

This is a top quality product. Seems expensive at first sight, but I for one, could have saved myself a lot of money if these had existed a few years ago. Very Impressed!

Great tool to replace your entire kb set (almost)

A welcome innovation that has allowed me to replace most of my set of mismatched cast iron kettlebells with a pair of these. You should know before you buy that there are a bunch of these adjustable bells out there that all seem to have the same specs and probably come from the same factory.

It takes 2 minutes to change weights, so I use a normal 16kg competition bell for warmup as I'm not willing to adjust quite so much between exercises. Writing down what combinations of plates make which weight helps speed things up in the beginning.


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