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SB RACK // 40% OFF // ONLY £1079.99

SB RACK // 40% OFF // ONLY £1079.99

Wolverson™ GT EZ Curl Bar

Blitz your biceps with the EZ Curl Bar. 💪🔥

Many athletes can benefit from this type of speciality bar, as the bends in the shaft help limit stress on the wrists and reduce common injury risks.

Lifters can also employ a narrow grip with the Wolverson EX Curl Bar for performing tricep extensions and close grip curls.


  • Chrome plated solid steel bar
  • Knurled grip with fixed inner collars
  • Needle bearings
  • Weight - 10 kg
  • Overall Length  - 1190mm
  • Sleeve Length - 170mm 
  • Bar Diameter - 28mm

*1 Year Warranty when used on Correct Protective Flooring*

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