RPM Speed Rope - Bare Cable
RPM Speed Rope - Bare Cable

RPM Speed Rope - Bare Cable

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The fastest RPM cable option, the Bare Cable, comes standard on our Comp rope. And while speed takes priority here, there are some trade-offs in durability when compared to the Coated Cable. 

You may need to replace the Bare Cable a bit more often, and you will only be able to use the Bare Cable on rubber gym flooring or similarly smooth surfaces.
In addition, our Coloured Bare Cables are slightly different than the basic "Steel" in fabrication and colour processing and, therefore, may feel slightly different in your hands, but their performance while jumping is virtually indistinguishable. 

*NOTE: Due to the colour treatment process of all colours besides "Steel", there may be a few small marks present or a slight curve in the cable when received. These WILL NOT affect the performance of the cable while jumping. However, if this is something you feel you may find unacceptable, we suggest sticking to the Steel color only.


The latest iteration of the iconic, aluminum trainer that started it all. It's your do-everything, go-anywhere rope.


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