Space Saving Gym Solutions

Space Saving Gym Solutions

With gyms closed, there is a new branch of gyms that are springing open all over the country- The Home Gym.

No danger of missing a class due to being held up at work, the home gym trend is becoming more and more popular.

Once the initial cost of equipment is covered home gyms are a much cheaper alternative to your conventional gym and allows you to be more flexible with your training!

There's no right or wrong way of setting up your home gym and the possibilities are endless. For some, however, space can be a limiting factor. And we all know that we want to maximize floor space for more burpees right…?

What’s a home gym without a squat rack! One of our most popular racks is the compact folding rack.

Compact folding rack

Originally designed for The Lean Machines garage gym this rack is compact in size both in-depth and width.

Want to optimize space even further, then our compact bar fits perfectly on this rack.

A great alternative is our Bison series folding rack.

Bison folding rack

Complete with pull up bar and multi-position J-Hooks, the Bison folding rack tucks away neatly when not in use.

Now let's talk about storage.

The Wolverson accessory storage system is practical and versatile and is the perfect solution when trying to optimize space in your home gym.

Bison Accessory rack

The storage system is able to hold 400kg of Olympic plates, with fractional spigots and storage spots for clips and bands. The unit is able to hold two barbells and a separate spigot to hold a trap bar.

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