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Wolverson Accessory Storage System

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Wolverson Accessory Storage System

Wolverson is proud to present a versatile and practical storage solution designed to optimise space in your facility.   This Accessory Storage System is designed to hold approximately 400 kilos of Olympic lifting plates with separate spigots for fractionals, as well as a storage point for clips, bars and bands.   This free standing unit was originally designed to sit between two Olympic platforms whilst providing enough storage to service both areas.   Also included are four bar holders designed to hold 1 x men's, 1 x ladies bar with a separate spigot suitable to handle a trap bar. Using multiple weight bearing spigots and built-in bar holders the system allows for storage of all your bumper plates, bars and bands all in one handy compact package.  
  • 6 x Weight Bearing Spigots (Plate Storage)
  • 5 x Bar Storage Slots
  • Band / Skipping Rope Holder
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Small Footprint 1x1 meter
  • Tapered Weight Spigots (no plastic endcaps)
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Designed in the UK