Resistance bands - The handiest bit of kit to own.

Resistance bands - The handiest bit of kit to own.

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Want to change up your home workouts but have minimal kit and limited space?

Get a resistance band! Did you know that most movements done with free weights can be done with resistance bands?

The sole use of resistance bands was originally for rehabilitation and helped physios and sports therapists get people back into exercise in the 90's. However more recently they have become popular as a piece of training equipment in their own right!

A quick rule of thumb is the lighter the color the lighter the resistance etc but this can change with each brand. So always best to check!

So the benefits of resistance bands. One main benefit to buying this bit of kit is they are cheap. Our Bison Power Resistance bands start at £9.99. They are also perfect for throwing in your gym bag so you can take it anywhere with you. Also perfect for when your home gym during lockdown is in your living room and you don't have much space.

Wolverson resistance bands

How can they help with training?

Resistance bands are super versatile and can be adapted to suit different workouts. Resistance bands come in various resistance strengths to suit, a bit like how kettlebells increase in weights.

This means there's room for progression and regression if you want or need to take the movements back to basics.

Like we mentioned before, resistance bands are normally used for rehabilitation so it's great to add one to your kit bag just in case it's ever needed. 

Resistance bands due to their adaptability can also be a great tool to help with stretching. No need to learn any fancy new stretches just add them into your routine. 

They are a great way to increase your range of motion in general or as part of a rehabilitation program.

Resistance bands are great for activating muscle groups, for example, a banded monster walk will really get your glutes firing so is perfect to add into your warm-up before a big squat session.

Limited access to kit during lockdown? Only managed to swipe a 15kg dumbbell from your gym kit loan? Why not try adding a resistance band to your workout with banded squats, and banded deadlifts for example. How about adding a temp to your banded squat?

Bison resistance bands

Still not sold on Resistance bands and not sure they'll work for you?

For a tenner you might as well take the plunge and find out!

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