Wolverson HYROX Power Sled

Wolverson HYROX Power Sled

Sale price£299.99

The Wolverson HYROX Power Sled is perfect for pull/push exercises to enhance muscular engagement and develop strength in your legs, hips, core and arms.

Solid, sturdy and reliable, this top quality, heavy-duty, UK designed piece of equipment is compact, tough, and versatile enough for push, pull and speed training on almost any surface, and is great for cooperative team workouts.

The unique design of the ladder sections on the Power Sled combines the multiple options available from both ends of a traditional prowler and combines them to provide the ultimate platform for conditioning, 

In practice this means that repeated drills for a multiple of athletes or clients can be carried out without the need to spin the sled around. This can really reduce the wear and tear incurred on AstroTurf or sports surfaces providing a long term cost saving.

Do not confuse this product with cheaper lightweight alternatives on the market. This is a serious piece of kit to deal with whatever you can throw at it, made for indoor and outdoor use