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The wait is almost over – this weekend, athletes from across the country will gather for a challenge like no other, pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits of fatigue until one overall Champion is crowned – its finally time for the WOLVERSON LANCASHIRE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016!

Combining 8 Workouts over 2 days across 2 venues, athletes will face off in challenges of Weight Lifting, Gymnastics and Aerobic Conditioning. The weekend’s Workouts have been released bit by bit over the last few weeks, to give athletes a chance to get themselves up to speed – with the Final Event kept Top Secret until the day!

Workout 1 - 'Heavy Handles'

With a 11 minute timecap, Workout 1 tarts with a 1km Run, then breaks into a Maximum Farmers Carry for the remaining time.

Workout 2 - 'Hard Labour'

Using 30kg - 70kgh Heavy Slam Balls, Workout 2 will be a floor-to-shoulder lift and flip, followed by a 2 length Prowler Push.

Workout 3 - 'Track Triplet'

Workout 3 will start with 20 'Toe to Bar' movements, followed by 10 Alternate Dumbbell Snatches (30kg Men’s / 20kg Women’s), and finished off with a 400m Run, completing 3 full rounds in the 12 minute timecap!

Workout 4 - 'Fat Lunges'

Just what it sounds like, this Maximum Distance Lunge will use an 'unorthodox' fat bar.

Workout 5 - 'The Olympic Total'

Maximum Snatches and Maximum Clean & Jerk with a 6 minute timecap!

Workout 6 - 'The Gymnastic Chipper'

As Many Reps as Possible in a 12 minute timecap - 100 Double Unders, 75 Burpee Box Jumps, 50 Ring Dips & 25 Chest to Bar Pull Ups!

Workout 7 – 2-2-3 Capacity’

As many Max Thrusters (50kg Men’s / 30kg Women’s) and Max Jumping Squats (10kg Men’s / 7kg Women’s) / Weighted Pistol Squats (10kg Men’s / 7kg Women’s) as you can fit into a 2 minute timecap, and a 3 minutes Max Distance Row.

Workout 8 – To Be Announced…

The Final Workout will be announced on Sunday 17th!

There’s also the opportunity to everyone to get involved whatever their level, with each Workout split between Scaled and RX Levels

'So here we are returning for our 3rd year, linking up with Wolverson Fitness. This year we have really turned it up a notch, and will welcome the likes of Mike Catris, Stuart Trees, Barry Mairs, PD Savage, Beth Hoggarth, Fran Calvert, and Fran Palama to the mix, in a spectacle not to be missed!

In a plan that has been put together for nearly 12 months, both Jason McCarthy and Alex Morton of Wolverson Fitness have helped us build a Throwdown unlike any other. In this 2 day event, you'll start day 1 with a Strongman theme by gripping Farmers Carry Handles, flipping D-Balls, Snatching Dumbbells and Lunging with Axle Bars. Then if you make it you'll be back to Conventional Functional Fitness on Day 2.

We've stressed that no matter what category you are, you'll be completing the same workouts, just slightly altered for capabilities. This guarantees a tight yet exciting event!

All that's left to say is enjoy practicing the workouts, and no matter what, let's see if you're all up to the test of being crowned the Champion come the 17th July...

Good Luck from all at The Wolverson Lancashire Championships!'

Mike Henry, Head Coach, CrossFit DeltaFox

We’re incredibly proud to be working with our friends at CrossFit DeltaFox to be a part of this amazing event, and will be bringing you all the details from the weekend – as well as a wide range of some of our best kit at brilliant ex-demo prices – Stay Tuned for details!

Make sure to keep up with all the action over at the official Wolverson Lancashire Championships facebook page and the Official Website!

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The Wolverson Lancashire Championships 2016 Promo from Beno on Vimeo.

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