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Recovery For The Games | Vicki Finn-Smith // #ROADTOTHEGAMES

Top tips for optimal recovery

  • Stretch/Mobilise daily
  • Hydrate
  • Sleep
  • Supplements to support recovery

Tools used for recovery:

I try to ensure I stretch and prepare my body pre and post session, I use GoWOD to make myself accountable for it and gives me metrics on whether I’m improving in the areas I need to. I use the bands a lot pre WOD for banded ankle, shoulder and hip distraction. The foam Rollers and lacross ball are used daily, generally for loosening my lats, pecs and shoulder. If I’m particularly bad with DOMS or tight I will use the muscle stimulator or massage gun.

Vicki finn-smith foam rolling

I use my Whoop band to track my recovery; it gives me live data on how my body is recovering and enables me optimize training days when I’m recovered well.  Tracks metrics such as sleep, HRV, disturbances, respiratory rate and latency.

For sleeping I use a facemask and ear plugs, this has improved my sleep quality over the last year by up to 20% on my whoop band metrics. I take ZMA tablets an hour before bed. I take Tumeric and Ginger tablets daily to help with inflammation, along with cod liver oil tablets and multi vitamins.

Although its great doing a lot of CrossFit style things daily, its important for me to relax and spend time doing other things on rest days. I love seeing my family spending time with them means a lot and walking the dogs get outdoors more.