StrongFirstGB Exclusive Offer

StrongFirstGB Exclusive Offer

Elevate Your Fitness Journey: Exclusive SFG Certification Offer from StrongFirstGB

Are you ready to take your fitness career to new heights? StrongFirstGB is excited to announce a special offer for our upcoming SFG Level I Kettlebell Certification. Join us for the StrongFirst SFG-1 Kettlebell Certification from October 6-8 at Lilleshall, West Midlands, and take advantage of an exclusive offer brought to you by Wovlerson. Save £325 on your registration when you sign up before 23rd May using the code WOLVESON325. As an added bonus, you'll also receive FREE form checks on your kettlebell swings by none other than Clare Booth, StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor.


Who is StrongFirst?

StrongFirst is a global fitness organisation founded by Pavel Tsatsouline, the man credited with popularising kettlebell training in the West. StrongFirst's philosophy revolves around building strength, resilience, and high-quality movement through the use of kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight exercises. The organisation is well-known for its rigorous instructor certification programmes, which are considered some of the most demanding and prestigious in the industry.


This highly regarded certification is your gateway to mastering the art of kettlebell training. Over the course of three days, you'll learn the fundamental techniques and principles of hardstyle kettlebell training, focusing on power, tension, and relaxation. The SFG-1 Kettlebell Certification will empower you with the knowledge and skills required to safely and effectively teach kettlebell training to others.

Lead instructor - Shaun Cairns

Shaun Cairns, SFG Master Instructor and the original "Beast Tamer." As one of only three dozen men in the world to conquer this prestigious title, Shaun has demonstrated exceptional strength and mastery in kettlebell training. Experience the power of learning from a world-class athlete as he brings his expertise to StrongFirstGB, inspiring others to achieve their full potential.

From competitive swimming and rugby to mastering the intimidating 48kg kettlebell known as the "Beast," Shaun's journey has led him to become an integral part of Pavel Tsatsouline's elite instructor team. With years of experience running StrongFirst Certifications and workshops around the globe, Shaun's dedication to strength and fitness is unparalleled.

Wolverson Black Series Kettlebells

Our Black Series Hardstyle Kettlebells have been trusted and recommended by StrongFirstGB for years! Designed with an emphasis on generating maximum power and explosive movements, these kettlebells are perfect for building strength, endurance, and functional fitness. The unique design of hardstyle kettlebells, featuring an ergonomic handle and balanced weight distribution, allows for a comfortable and secure grip during high-intensity exercises. Our Black Series Hardstyle Kettlebells combined with the elite training StrongFirstGB will help you achieve impressive results, improve overall fitness, and unlock your true athletic potential.

Special Offer

As part of this exclusive offer with Wolverson, Claire will provide you with personalised feedback on your kettlebell swings for FREE. All you need to do is record yourself performing the swing, and Claire will share her expert insights to help you fine-tune your technique and enhance your performance.