NUTRITION FOR THE GAMES // Vicki Finn-Smith & Kelly Friel

Nutrition and what we put in our bodies is one of the most important things in life, let alone if you’re prepping for the CrossFit finals! We’ve asked Vicki Finn-Smith and Kelly Friel about their diet prep and what you’ve got to eat to stay on top of your game!


I do not follow a specific diet as such, I track my Macros and at the moment I am keeping a closer eye on my macros so that I ensure I get enough calories in for the volume of work I am doing. I try not to restrict myself too much, I treat myself when I want to and on a weekend I just don’t go to overboard as it makes me feel tired and groggy the next day if I eat junk foods. I feel its unrealistic to stick to and not maintainable if I cut out sugars etc. fully. Plus I love my snacks!”


“Nutrition was a sticking point for me and in the past I always thought I was eating enough, then back in 2018 before the open I thought to myself I need to actually have someone look at this for me. I reached out to Tim Briggs from We dominate nutrition and since then he has always been on hand to point me in the right direction. He worked out a nutrition plan for me and I have been following that ever since- this definitely highlighted I was eating enough, so now I track my macros via My fitness pal to ensure I’m getting enough. Don’t get me wrong if I’m over or under some days, I don’t stress. Tim has always said to me - enjoy some treat/cheat days…….. these tend to be at the weekends with the family.”

What a typical day looks like for Kelly:

  • Breakfast - 45g Oats, 15g Wheyd protein, 45g both blueberries & Raspberries, 10g peanut butter, 8g choc sauce & 15g granola topping.
  • Snack - Snack A Jacks, banana pancake, 20g almonds
  • Lunch - Rosa Salad, beetroot, avocado, chicken, Bagel- white Americano
  • Snack - Snack A Jacks - cookies & cream Barebell - Pot of melon, 25g cashews
  • Dinner - 250g sweet potato, Broccoli 100g, green beans 100g, chicken breast 140g
  • Evening snack: 170g 0% Fage Yoghurt, 12g Wheyd, Blueberries and rasberries 45g each, peanut butter 10g, dark chocolate 10g, 80g banana, 10g honey & 2 x chocolate snack a jacks.

Typical Macros for Vicky:

  • 3000cals +
  • Carbs 410g
  • Protein 150-55g
  • Fats 75-80g

Vicki on not getting enough carbs…

“I found initially the beginning of last year I wasn’t eating enough carbs and kept having a mid day or WOD slump, since upping these and getting better quality macros in I’ve found a big difference in energy levels.“