Training Routine For The Games | Kelly Friel // #ROADTOTHEGAMES

Training Routine For The Games | Kelly Friel // #ROADTOTHEGAMES

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What days do I Train?
I generally train Monday- Wednesday, rest day Thursday (sometimes an active recovery Rey day), train Friday and Saturday. Sundays are a full complete rest day to get ready for the week ahead, this day is also spent chilling with the family.

Do I follow a specific program?
My coach is Andy Edwards and he individually programmes for me. I started working with Andy in January 2020.

My training leading up to the Games doesn’t change drastically, some zone 2 sessions may get added in along with some running sessions. My coach try’s to include as much as possible in the time I have available.

How does my training differ throughout the season?
I train a lot throughout the year by myself which sometimes I find mentally challenging but then when I get the chance to train with others its even more fun.

The past 3 weeks I have managed to talk a few of the guys at the box to train on a Friday with me which has really helped my motivation. Fridays have been known as Assault bike Friday and the first week started with just 2 of us, then following week went to 3 and this week we double to 4- so everyone is getting in the pain cave with me.
I’m trying to maintain my strength and also work on my weaknesses, we never know what Crossfit are going to throw at us so we have to be ready for anything and everything.

What are my favorites movements?
I love a squat!!!!!!! I also love Olympic lifting and throwing around a heavy Dumbbell.

The equipment that is getting a good daily usage is my Wolverson bar and plates, ill always have a squat, Olympic lift or a pushing movement to do.