Kelly Triumphs Once More in CrossFit Games!

Kelly Triumphs Once More in CrossFit Games!

At this year's 2023 CrossFit Games, Kelly showcased her remarkable composure and secured victory once again.

At this year's 2023 CrossFit Games, Kelly showcased her remarkable composure and secured victory once again.

Our man Dale caught up with Kelly after the event to find out what factors she had to overcome and how the event panned out, on her road to victory.

During Dale’s conversation, Kelly elaborated on her strategies for conquering the extreme heat, overcoming her pre-CrossFit Games injury and the support she’s had to make this happen.

Q - Tell me your preparation and the journey you took pre games in the US?

“Our journey commenced in Cincinnati, where we had adapted to the challenging climate , In scorching temperatures ranging from 31 to 38 degrees, similar to that of Madison. 

Engaging in a pre-event training camp, we undertook an array of demanding Workouts of the Day (WODs) and incorporated running into our programme, foreseeing the 5km trail run in the initial events.

Q - What did your training consist of?

Progressing steadily throughout the week, we focused on avoiding personal best lifts to prevent injuries. However, a few days before the games, I progressively increased my squat weights, which felt remarkably satisfying given my previous back twinge. I also dedicated effort to refining my Snatch and Clean and Jerk techniques.

Q - How did you make sure you were nourished pre games?

As game day approached, attention to hydration and nutrition became paramount, ensuring I consumed nourishment at the right intervals and maintained adequate fluid and electrolyte intake throughout the events.

Q - What kept you going throughout the Games?

Two driving forces propelled me onward. When the event was getting hard I knew that it was just the same for my fellow competitors and this motivated me to persevere, Secondly, the thought of my supportive family, friends, coach, Wolverson and all watching and cheering me on, served as a constant source of motivation and determination.

My father, attending his first-ever CrossFit Games, expressed immense pride in being present, a sentiment I wholeheartedly shared. He couldn't help but marvel at the intensity of the competition!

Competition days proved to be challenging, with lengthy breaks between events of up to 6 hours, so being on a real high after the first WOD and then having to rest for 6 hours and try to get back on your feet for the next WOD was a challenge that I had to embrace and keep myself ready for. During these intervals, I made every effort to connect with my family, either through calls in the athlete area or by briefly returning to the hotel for an extra dose of motivation, and keeping my mind on the next WOD so i was mentally prepared for that next challenge.

Q - Who was there and who has supported you through this journey?

I've been under my coach's guidance Ed for three years, and his unwavering support throughout the event was invaluable. I cannot thank him enough for his dedicated assistance.

Also of course a shoutout goes to you and the team at Wolverson Fitness for being a part of my training and putting the belief in me to train with great quality pieces of equipment at my gym in Southampton all providing me with those foundations to be able to get across the line as a champion once again.

Q - Did you feel more or less pressure as a 2 time reigning champion?

This time around, the pressure felt greater than last year, as a two-time reigning champion in a new age category. 

My primary goal was to navigate the events with enjoyment, a feat I achieved, ultimately securing another remarkable victory amidst formidable competition.

What advice would you give to new people wanting to try CrossFit of a similar age?

For anyone of a similar age to myself I would suggest to get yourself a coach as they get to learn about you and your needs and will help you structure your training.

Try to do between 1-2 hours 5 days a week and 2 days rest there is no reason to be in the gym more than this and you risk over training for no real benefit.

The biggest thing would be to enjoy yourself and let yourself learn something new and stick with it.

Q - What's next for Kelly? 

A well-deserved family vacation in Spain! 

Following that, my sights are set on WODAPALOOZA in January 2024 in Miami, which will kickstart the season, with an eye toward qualifying for the 2024 Games during the open next year.

The Masters GOAT has done it again 3 Times in a row!

We extend our best wishes to Kelly as she prepares for her upcoming endeavours and takes a much-needed break with her family. 

Stay tuned as we catch up with Kelly in the coming weeks at The Wolverson HQ. 

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