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Wolverson Colour Cast Iron Kettlebells
Wolverson Colour Cast Iron Kettlebells

Wolverson Colour Cast Iron Kettlebells

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Exclusive to Wolverson, the Wolverson Colour Cast Iron Kettlebell has been perfected from years of experience and customer feedback.

Giving maximum comfort during those hard training sessions, due to the ergonomically shaped handle and bell.

So what does this mean? The improved design of the Wolverson Colour Cast Iron Kettlebell allows it to stay central and compact, increasing your stability during the lift, meaning no more lateral slipping around the wrist.

The ergonomic shape will allow the kettlebell to rest more comfortably on your forearm whilst performing movements such as cleans, jerks & snatches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Lauren Dunnett
Great quality

I'm new to kettle bells so did research on what the best type was, and chose this one. Honestly the quality is absolutely second to none, I will definitely be purchasing more as I get used to the weight and move up a level. Also compared to other ones of this weight the size is quite small and manageable for smaller hands.

Sean R
Best I've ever owned.

These are amazing.

I ordered a 16kg and a 20kg and they arrived within 1 business day. They look great, they feel great, the handles are extremely comfortable to grip, but what I love the most is that my rather pricey fitness watch no longer gets walloped because these handles allow the bell to clear it with room to spare. Anyone wearing a wrist device will know exactly what I mean, and I experienced it on EVERY other kettlebell I've owned. The fit and finish really is the best I've seen on any kettlebell, and I'll be snagging a 24kg and a 28kg next.

Couldn't be happier !!!

Marc Sinclair
First time Kettlebell buyer

I spoke to an extremely helpful lady called Paige who took the time to advise and help me with my kettlebell purchases. I am glad I spoke to her as I would have bought the wrong weight (hernia inducing etc :) ) for my level.
The weights where delivered to inside my front door by the kind delivery man from DPD.
All the items where well packed.
The quality and feel of these kettlebells are perfect. Colour system is fab. I look forwards to learning to use them correctly and building general and sports specific strength over time.

The Wolverson Team's customer service, care and quality of product are what other companies should aspire too . Outstanding!
And you got to love those funny Gifs they have in some of there correspondence :D

Thank Paige and WF team!

All my best


Dan H
Excellent for everything

I have a complete set of these now for me and my wife, they are very well designed, excellent quality and good value for money. I thoroughly recommend them.
The bare metal handles are the reason I brought them in the first instance and I'm glad I did, as they cannot chip.
I do have two negatives, but they are far from deal breakers.
My first criticism is that the sizes stop at 32, this forced me buy a competition 36 (also cannot recommend them enough too), once I had that, I then realized my second criticism. The handle of the 32 ( in my opinion) needs to be slightly thicker as the competition bells are, i find for one handed swings and snatches using the 32 my hands seem to tear more which does not happen with the competition handles. Everyone is different of course and this isn't such a problem that I have purchased a different 32, just somthing to consider.

A revelation!

I've looked at these a few times, but with few reviews and a slightly unorthodox design I've always ended up going with Black Series (for me) or GS Competition (for my partner).
But I was in need of a 28kg and these were on offer, so I took a risk and - they're excellent!

They feel like the old Stan Pike kettlebells, and are very thoughtfully designed for general fitness - I love the way the handle enables a really comfy side grip for goblet squats, triceps extensions, pullovers and halos. If you like the sort of things Mark Wildman has been teaching these are perfect. The handle is thinner than I thought I'd like, but is actually less stressful on my hands for a longer session.

I'm really glad I took the risk. I've just bought a 24kg and want to get some more lighter ones as I think these are ideal for teaching and coaching. My only concern is I might have made my Black Series bells redundant!

Thomas Douglas

Great Finish, fantastic handles. Please get more ready soon I wish I bought a few more before now. Want to add the next two weights up!

Jon B
Coloured Kettlebells MkII - excellent

I am no kettlebell expert but found the 16kg bell to be an excellent bit of kit. The handle is smooth unpainted metal, minimising scrapes and calluses during swings, but plenty stable enough for get ups. For my very large hands the handle is *just* too small to grip with both hands side-by-side for swings, but a one thumb overlapping grip was natural and easy. The handle is also nice and 'square' to the bell with lots of room to get your hand inside, which I found to be great for exercises where the bell sits on the forearm (get ups, presses, etc), and works well in a variety of grips (my experience of the 'standard' design found on other bells suggests Wolverson to be a much better design). The 'horns' of the bell provide plenty of stability during get-ups too. I wish I had bought a whole set when I could!
Delivery was relatively speedy considering circumstances, even if Wolverson did take a few days to confirm.