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Wolverson Black Series Kettlebell Sets

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The Black Series Kettlebell embodies our 8 years of experience and knowledge working with world-renowned coaches. Using a gravity casting method and hand finishing, our Kettlebells leaves the finish second to none.

MK2 Version now with a more uniform handle for an accurate feel across the range, as well as an improved black e-coated finish.

This Kettlebell handle is wide enough for 2 handed swings – so if you are a CrossFit athlete or work in boot camps it's the right solution for you.

The finish on our Kettlebells is second to none, it’s the most chip-resistant finish we have used, it’s only microns thick so if you do manage to mark it you will not need to re-sand the Kettlebell to ensure you keep the skin on your hands!

This Kettlebell is perfect for all types of training with great handle clearance (even at 6kg it is safe for use if you are over 6ft tall).

This Kettlebell is perfect for home or commercial use.

We are also offering a 3-year structural warranty on our Wolverson Black Series Kettlebell range (**)

Customer Reviews

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Nick B.
Wolverson Black Series Kettlebells

I have gradually added to my collection of black series kettlebells, because they are so good. I now have pairs of 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg and 28kg, plus a single 32kg. All of which I use regularly, for traditional kettlebell moves, plus inverted (bottom up) moves, as well as renegade rows, ab work and (in these Covid19 days of exclusively home training) as ‘stand-ins’ on some Dumbbell work (Dumbbell presses, flyes, rows and raises, plus biceps and triceps work. Kettlebells are superbly versatile pieces of kit, and Wolverson’s black series kettlebells are about as good as you can get for this sort of mixed training - beautifully cast and finished, with no seams or rough spots and wide, stable, perfectly flat bases. The well thought out handles are just the right diameter for each weight, with a good distance between the bell and the handle for single arm work, and wide enough for a comfortable two hand grip. The black powdercoat finish is nicely grippy, without being rough (I don’t use chalk) and pretty chip resistant. And finally, they look great too, in a quietly understated way - all black, except for a small Wolverson logo, colour coded for each weight, on one side and the weight stamped into the reverse side. Sweet! Not the cheapest, but, in my opinion, the best, and quality costs. Wolverson know their stuff and have really thought carefully about the design and intended use of these kettlebells. 10/10


The Black Series Kettlebells have been designed for explosive hardstyle kettlebell training and are the recommended kettlebell for StrongFirst Great Britain.


These kettlebells look slightly different to our Competition kettlebells as they have a larger, flared handle which makes it suitable for both one and two handed work. The thicker handle will help build grip strength over time and make upside-down movements easier.

Hardstyle is a style of kettlebell training that emphasises power and tension. It is called ‘hard’ because of its resemblance to the ‘hard’ martial arts, such as Tae Kwon Do and Karate where ‘hard’ means meeting force with an opposing force. It does not mean that it is more difficult than other kettlebell training styles. 


Each one of kettlebells serves a purpose, but which kettlebell is right for you? View our guide to help you decide which one is right for you based on your training style.