Wolverson Worm - Wolverson Fitness
Wolverson Worm - Wolverson Fitness
Wolverson Worm - Wolverson Fitness
Wolverson Worm - Wolverson Fitness

Wolverson Worm

Sale price£399.99
Size:4 Person (120KG)

Whether you are looking to switch your training up at home, challenge your members, take your event/throwdown to another level or compete at the highest level. Our worms can help you reach those goals. 


A CrossFit worm is a long bag that has a weighted filling (from a 2 - 4 person) that are used in team events in both training and competition.

Help train strength, co-ordination and leadership all at the same time. Everyone has to pull their weight as the 4 person worm weights 120kg!

Training with a worm

Communication is KEY

Before you start, make sure everyone is on the same page before with how you are going to perform the lifts, establish key words to help everyone perform and move at the same time. This could be easier if you establish a leader before you start, this person would be in charge of timing and keeping everyone moving in one motion. It maybe easier for the leader to be at the back as they can see everyone and can give commands to the athletes in front. You could verbally countdown to the tart of the rep ( 1,2,3, lift) or shout key words to keep everyone in sync (ready, lift).

Work as a team

When using a worm, you are only as strong as your weakest person and only as fast as your slowest! If one person is struggling and burning out then the whole team will slow down. Everyone must use similar technique, for example if someone is leaning forward when squatting it will shift the weight to the person infront of them. When training, it can be useful to switch teams up to help learn everyone’s skills and make you a more considerate leader.