Training Routine For The Games | Vicki Finn-Smith // #ROADTOTHEGAMES

Training Routine For The Games | Vicki Finn-Smith // #ROADTOTHEGAMES

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What days do I Train?
Monday through to Wednesday, Thursday is a recovery session so usually a lighter one then Friday to Saturday and Full rest day Sundays. On those days I just tend to spend time stretching/mobilizing and walking the dogs

How long do I train for?
At the moment I train around 3-4 hours per day, this includes a thorough warm up specific for my session and any specific mobility/stretching. I tend to focus here on ankle and shoulder mobility, which need improving for me.

What times do I train?
8-10am and usually 12-1.30pm or 2-4pm

Do I follow a specific program?
I do Mayhem Athlete ID, which is individualized programming and have a coach named Facundoe. I previously followed the Mayhem Athlete compete track for 18 months, back in December last year I took the leap to move onto a more personalized plan which has most definitely paid off. We work on weaknesses and have a lot more accessory based stuff in my program now. I have a weekly call with my coach to discuss how I’m feeling and tweak my program based on this.
Because I’m working a lot on movements that are my weakness it means not all sessions are enjoyable, however those are the sessions where most of the improvements take place. My training is generally split into 2 sessions a morning and afternoon session, each session varies I sometimes have a WOD or 2 WOD then strength and accessory work or vice versa.

How does my training differ throughout the season?
As the season progresses my training changes, the volume and style of training differs from the Open to Quarter Finals to Semis to Games Training. During the Open its a lot more fitness based, classic CrossFit movements, moving lighter loads quickly and the training volume steadily increases towards Semi Finals.

During the Open I have full rest days on Thursdays and Sundays and my training usually had heavy day (2 sessions) Mon, Weds and Fri and lighter training day (1 longer session) Tuesdays and Saturdays. Now Games training as you can see I am training more days and have 2-3 WODs per day. The training style is heavier loads, strongman style movements are added in (YOLK, Sandbag, Farmers Carries, Sled Pull/Push) and higher skilled movements.

What are my favorites movements?
I enjoy rowing, long rowing or interval based sessions or sprints on the ski erg. Heavy Dumbbell for snatch or clean and jerk. I like heavier thrusters, strict hspu, ring muscle ups and wall balls.

What's my favorite WOD?
DT or Grace – I like a good barbell cycling style workout