The Importance of Gym Flooring

The Importance of Gym Flooring

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Flooring is a crucial part of building a commercial or home gym. Step inside any gym, and you will find mats in various sizes, textures and colours on the gym floor. But how do you choose gym flooring for your fitness facility? We explain the importance of having the correct flooring for gym floors, allowing you to complete your workouts safely.

What are Gym Flooring Mats?

Gym flooring mats are protective flooring used in gyms and fitness spaces. The floor mats are made from foam or rubber and are designed to create an aesthetically pleasing space to train in. Gym floors also absorb noise and reduce the likelihood of equipment being damaged, as well as preventing potential slips and falls.

Why Use Gym Flooring?

There are many benefits to using our flooring in your gym, such as:

Easy to Install

Gym flooring is simple and easy to install. Most types of gym floors are available as mats or tiles with pre-cut or interlocking edges. This means the flooring can be installed quickly, thus saving you time and money. Our gym flooring products come in various sizes and thickness options, allowing you to create your perfect gym space with minimal effort.

Excellent Shock Absorption

Gym flooring is a viable option for fitness businesses because it is designed to absorb the shock from jumping or lifting weights. If you own a CrossFit gym, you may have experienced your barbell weights dropping repeatedly on the floor. Our EPDM rubber floors have been specifically designed to absorb the shock from dropping weights while protecting your gym equipment.

They’re Durable and Hygienic

The durability of gym flooring means it can be used for many years without incurring severe wear and tear. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the floors scuffing or fading over time. Also, our rubber flooring for gym floors is designed with special textures which prevent bacteria and germs from breeding, keeping your environment safe and germ-free.

What Types of Flooring are Available for Gym Floors?

When you visit any commercial gym, you’ll find various types of flooring used in the space, including:

Rubber Flooring

Rubber is an excellent material for gym flooring. The material can withstand impact while also preventing slips and falls from occurring. You can find rubber gym flooring available in either rolls, mats or tiles, thus making it simple to install on your gym floor. The versatility of rubber flooring means it can be fitted in a variety of gym spaces.

Foam Flooring

Like rubber flooring, foam flooring is available in either tiles or rolls and can be made to fit in your commercial gym space. Foam flooring is superb for combat sports, such as mixed martial arts and boxing, thus reducing the risk of friction burn.

Sports Turf

Another attractive option for gym flooring is sports turf. Made from artificial grass, they can come in strips or rolls and can be used for sledge pulling or as a sprint track. Using sports turf in your gym space can bring a splash of colour to your gym space as the material is designed to handle high-impact activities.

How Can Wolverson Fitness Help?

Wolverson Fitness has been offering gym flooring for commercial gyms for over a decade. Are you planning to build your dream commercial gym? Our gym planning tool can help turn your dream gym into a reality. Alternatively, you can browse our commercial gym flooring products online today!