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Gym Flooring


 Gym Flooring

Please be aware 30mm Flooring currently carries a 4 week lead time.

The latest flooring option on offer at Wolverson Fitness - 20mm or 30mm  gym flooring options suitable for use in any Gym, Crossfit or garage setting

Ideal to provide protection for your fitness equipment, protecting both plates and bar as well as the flooring underneath whilst powering through your workouts!

By squaring mat edges up against one another, this is an easy flooring option to install into any gym or Crossfit environment . This product has a number of thicknesses on offer to meet your requirements - whether you're looking to create a designated walking area, designing and implementing an Olympic Lifting section or creating an area for Kettlebell training - this flooring is an ideal option

Straight-forward installation negates the need for sub flooring adhesive or specialist requirements - the weight ensures each mat is kept in place and will not move when in use. This product can also be customised in size by using a sharp stanley blade to cut as required


  • High level of durability
  • Used to cover large areas
  • Straight edges removes the need for edging pieces
  • Resistant to UV
  • Will not move when in use
  • Can be used for floor based work, without causing discomfort when kneeling
  • Anti-slip surface

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