Birmingham's Henrietta Street Gym - Fighting Fit with Wolverson Kit

Birmingham's Henrietta Street Gym - Fighting Fit with Wolverson Kit

Just a few weeks ago, we were delighted to see the brand new Henrietta Street Gym open in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, packed wall to wall with top quality Wolverson Fitness equipment!

Opened inside 6 Derwent Works, an old press factory renovated by property developer Javelin Block, the facility has been designed in the style of a 1920's American boxing club, and offers boxing lessons, strength and conditioning training, nutrition programmes, weightlifting and cross-fit metabolic workouts, all delivered by expert trainers in 30 minute or 1 hour sessions.

"Our ethos has always been to bring elite-level coaching and our tried and tested fitness knowledge to the general public," says owner and founder Neil Perkins. "I firmly believe that boxing is the king of workouts....we know many of our members are city centre workers with stressful jobs, so what's better than coming down to the gym and punching something after a hard day's graft?"

"We understand that people's fitness journeys are changing - no longer is it just about getting a six-pack for your holiday; it's about sustainability, progress, nutrition, wellbeing and even the social aspects of your workout. At Henrietta Street Gym we have the resources, improved facilities and same expert, friendly team to help men and women achieve their goals and their potential.”

The gym specialises in getting people fit through effective and fun training methods suitable for all fitness levels, deliverying results and challenging participants both physically and mentally.

Henrietta Street Gym is also home to the Jewellery Quarter Amateur Boxing Squad, with same training methods being used with the elite level athletes as are used for everyday gym members.


Wolverson have provided a huge range of kit for this great new venue - from custom-built conditioning equipment and storage sollutions like our WR2 Wall Mounted Pull Up Rigs and Wall Mounted Olympic Plate & Bar Storage, to Bison Bars & Bumper Plates, Bands, Dumbbells, and much more!


We're really proud to have helped Neil and his team get their new venue up and running, and wish them all the best for a bright future! For more information on the gym and its services, visit the Henrietta Street Gym Website and Facebook page.

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