Wolverson Ski Trainer (MK2)
Wolverson Ski Trainer (MK2)
Wolverson Ski Trainer (MK2)
Wolverson Ski Trainer (MK2)
Wolverson Ski Trainer (MK2)
Wolverson Ski Trainer (MK2)
Wolverson Ski Trainer (MK2)

Wolverson Ski Trainer (MK2)

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The Ski Trainer is a relatively new piece of equipment in the fitness scene that works your upper body with a focus on cardio. It mimics the motion of cross-country skiing, but you don't have to be a skier to train on it. It requires the use of the lats, triceps, pecs, and abdominals to pull the handles down; and this movement is unlike any other type of cardio. Not only will you increase your heart rate quickly, but because it engages more muscles than other forms of cardio, you will burn more calories. Wolverson Ski Trainer Stand is available here


  1. Upgraded pedal shaft for high durability and higher max weight of 200kg
  2. New & improved Aluminium jockey wheels
  3. Tougher cords with improved strength
  4. Improved sensor cables
  5. Tougher console buttons for extra durability
  6. Now in Carbon Grey
  7. Floor Stand Optional
  • Our Wolverson Air Rowers & Ski Trainers are compatible with heart rate monitors with 5.3k Hz technology.
  • Monitor your real-time, acculturate heart rate whilst you’re working out!
  • Examples of compatible models are Polar T31 and T34
  • Click Here To Download Ski Trainer Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rahim Akhtar
Great piece of cardio kit

Am really happy with the purchase of the Ski-Erg. Gives a great cardio workout and looks really good in the corner of the room.

Only issue is that one of the holes for the bolts wasn’t laser cut in line so was awkward to get in. It was the first bolt I tried putting in so was getting frustrated. Once I moved onto the others it was fairly simple to put together and easily done.

Display screen is good and does all that you would want from it.

Ski trainer

Great quality. Superb workout. Very comfortable grip. Pull cords glide nicely. Has graded levels of difficulty. Good metrics on computer. Fixed to wall and very neat, doesn't take up much space. I fixe it to a plaster board wall so I fixed an mdf plate to wall as you would with mounted tv. The unit also has pre drilled pilot holes to fix onto the optional floor mount so I used them to fix the unit to my wood sheeted floor.Well packaged. Delivered early.

Will West
Ski Trainer unboxing and first impressions

I've done a video review on YouTube for the ski trainer, unboxing and first impressions. Head over to give it a look.

I'm getting on really well with it. Very good value for money and feels solid, good action and build quality. I had some issues with the fit of a couple of bolts which slowed down putting it together but now it's up it's great. Check out the video for more detail.