Wolverson Ski Trainer Stand

Wolverson Ski Trainer Stand

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The Ski Trainer is a relatively new piece of equipment in the fitness scene that works your upper body with a focus on cardio. It mimics the motion of cross-country skiing, but you don't have to be a skier to train on it. It requires the use of the lats, triceps, pecs, and abdominals to pull the handles down; and this movement is unlike any other type of cardio. Not only will you increase your heart rate quickly, but because it engages more muscles than other forms of cardio, you will burn more calories. 

  • Compatible with our MK1 and MK2 Ski Trainers
  • Our Wolverson Air Rowers & Ski Trainers are compatible with heart rate monitors with 5.3k Hz technology.
  • Monitor your real-time, acculturate heart rate whilst you’re working out!
  • Examples of compatible models are Polar T31 and T34
  • Ski Trainer & Stand sold separately

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