Wolverson Competition Power Bar
Wolverson Competition Power Bar
Wolverson Competition Power Bar
Wolverson Competition Power Bar
Wolverson Competition Power Bar
Wolverson Competition Power Bar
Wolverson Competition Power Bar

Wolverson Competition Power Bar

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Designed with powerlifting in mind, the Wolverson Competition Power Bar combines great quality with affordable pricing to bring you a bar that is perfect for all your big lifts.

A stiff bar with a more aggressive knurl will allow you to lift big with confidence when squatting, benching and deadlifting.

Tried and tested in the real world with brilliant feedback from powerlifters.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Bar

Customer services communication excellent. They delayed delivery for me to make sure I was in to receive the bar.
I have been lifting for a year. My first bar was slipping out of my hand when deadlifting 120Kg+ so I created a list of bars up to £400 to look at.
My requirements: smooth collars, aggressive grip, high load capacity, centre knurl.
I narrowed my search down to this bar and Mirafit's
Price for this bar: £180 (when 10% disc applied) - free postage
Price for Mirafit bar: £350 plus a postage fee.
The Wolverson bar is exceptional value, brass bushes, 1500lb max.
Note a key selling point was the Volcano type knurling which is aggressive but I believe has better contact without ripping, with more edges than the standard high peak type.
The collars were a snug fit with hardly any play. Stainless steel plates slide on quietly compared to my old cheap bar which has more pronounced ribbing on the collars.
On first use: deadlifting at 130Kg was painful and my hands felt burned and had a tattoo from the grip. After 4 deadlift workouts (2 weeks), my hands have toughened up and my awareness returned to the weight and not the hand pain (which has gone).
Latest session, I put the weight up to 140Kg and managed 7 reps. I could not have done that with my old bar.
Note that this bar will tell you if have not gripped properly. If you grip with pinched skin it will punish you. Grip it carefully with no skin folds. It will grip you back.
Very pleased with this bar.

John Lyall
What a fantastic power bar.

I recently bought this power bar, Wolverson collars and Bison high impact bumper weights. The bumper plates were delivered without any issue and they are absolutely amazing. The power bar and collars were delivered the following day. Unfortunately I had a hospital appointment but the UPS courier left the bar and collars on my drive which was absolutely fine. The cardboard carton which housed the barbell however was damaged. About two feet into the carton it had been completely opened up but fortunately the bar was in damaged. The benefit of this was it was easy to remove the bar from it cardboard packaging. The power bar is fantastic. It has deep but not too aggressive knurling and feels balanced and extremely smooth in use. It also looks more expensive than it actually cost and when used with the high impact Bison bumper plates is a great combination. I am a recent above the knee amputee so am currently restricted to bench pressing but this bar and the bumper plates provide a real incentive to workout at home. In addition to the quality of the bar and plates the Wolverson customer service has been first class. It is my intention to purchase more high impact Bison from Wolverson once my fitness improves. These plates might be overkill for simply benching but they look the business and compliment this rigid power bar. Highly recommended.

Damian Szyszlak
Great powerlifting bar

Hi i iam a owner of few powerlifting bars and used almost all more expensive so i can say little about Wolverson power bar.

+ Price is low for 155£ with 10% discount code
+ Knurling is deep and same or even better than some bars for 200-300£ - better than primal , strength shop . Knurling feel and look very similar to my fav bar Atx competition powerlifting bar but its 2x cheaper.
+ deadlift feel amazing with little whip
+bench its defo my favorite on this bar
- shaft its rated for 211.000 but i think its not . Bar its not really stiff for example over 230KG squat bar feel little whippy for me.
-the biggest minus is for sleeves quality is great but bushing are low quality or fitted wrong size . Sleeves got loose very noisy and got visible gap . Maybe i was unlucky.

Overall bar is worth 155£ but defo not over 200£. If bushing issue is solved and bar is more stiff i will rate bar aprox 250£ -280£.
Anyway iam happy with bar iam not using this bar at home i took to my local gym to use on daily basis and its defo best bar in the gym .

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