Lockdown Mindset, Motivation and Mindfulness.

Lockdown Mindset, Motivation and Mindfulness.

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For nearly a year now we have had to all face being confined indoors and dealing with the impact that this has had on an active lifestyle.

While Lockdown served its purpose to help our physical health, the toll it has taken on our mental health has been a devastating blow, and although we have seen moments of motivation from individuals throughout this period, reaching out to help uplift people can only go so far.

The outdoors in my eyes is a fine balance of peace and harmony.

It is a place to feel in tune with yourself, a place to release tension and leave behind all the stress, opinions and get to switch off from all the social media that we consume on a daily basis. 

I use to class this as “escapism” but have learned over time, you’re only running away from what’s in your thoughts.

We all know that being active releases the 'happy hormones' and combined with the peacefulness that being outdoors brings it makes sense to be outside more.

Outdoor exercise 

For the people who do not appreciate the outdoors, you need to understand, that everyone on this planet is different, and this includes our outlook on life and training.

For example; one individual might be content going on a 15-minute walk from there doorstep,  another individual might need to smash a heavy WOD or a gassy metcon.

However Mindfulness is something that every athlete could benefit from spending a bit more time working on,

So however mindfulness is achieved in your eyes from setting new challenges, pushing in WODS or finishing the day with yoga why not try something new and get outside.

Whether it is walking, hiking or chucking a kettlebell in your rucksack and doing a workout whilst out, the Outdoors is free and is for everyone. 


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