Nick Johnson - From 'Fat Lad’ to Team England Kettlebell Champion

Nick Johnson - From 'Fat Lad’ to Team England Kettlebell Champion

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From ‘Fat Lad’ to Kettlebell Champ – Inspiring interview with Nick Johnson of Team England heading to IUKL World Championships 2015



He was a self-confessed "fat lad" just a few months ago. But after shedding almost 4st, Nick Johnson is ready to take on a new challenge. He is now set to compete in the IUKL World Championships. And he believes it is important to share the message anyone can get fit.




"It's a really inclusive sport and it would be good to promote it even more," said Nick.

"I'm a former fat lad and I think it's good for other people to see you can make some changes in your life with things you want to aspire to and do, and actually achieve them."

At 19st, Nick used to spend his time watching YouTube videos on how to lift the weights.

His laptop became his trainer and eventually, using the videos, he started lifting the kettlebells himself.

Sitting in front of his computer screen five years ago, the 32-year-old could never have imagined he would be representing his country in the sport on Friday, November 27 at the IULK World Championships 2015 in Dublin.

He said: "Originally, I got into kettlebells because I read about how good they were in a magazine. I taught myself from YouTube videos initially and since then I've done some courses and things.

"They've helped me get my weight down and keep it down as well."

Nick used to have a 42in waist but, after finding a sport he enjoyed, he reached his target of 15.5st and decided to become a personal trainer to help others.

Nick set up a kettlebell club in Hull in 2013 but his real turning point came exactly a year ago.

"Last year, I watched the world championships on my computer through a live feed," he said.

"I decided then I wanted to compete and qualify this year.

"Everyone would like to represent their country and it's quite an honour to say I'm competing for England."

Nick admitted he still has some "lazy tendencies" but said preparing for competitions helps him stay focused.

That was clear in July, when he qualified for the men's adult over-95kg amateur biathlon in Dublin's world championships.

Here, competitors have to take part in two ten-minute lifting sets with 24kg weights.

The sport is already popular in Russia, the US and Ireland.

Nick now hopes he can encourage more people in the Hull area to try it – especially as the qualifying rounds for next year's championships are in Harrogate.


The IUKL World Championships2015 take place in Dublin, Wed 25 - Sun 29 November. Wolverson are proudly providing Team England with their Lifting Gear, and will have more news from the event next week!

Original Article by Poppy Danby, Sourced from Hull Daily Mail