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Sweat It Training

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We caught up with Tom from Sweat It Training to find out his journey and why he chose Wolverson Fitness to kit out his gym!

How did Sweat It Training come about?
We’re SweatIT a Small Group Personal Training facility on the Kent & Sussex boarder. At the end of 2020 we needed more space and more importantly wanted to do it in a much more premium way. We’re still out the way but our surrounds with deer roaming the fields around us makes for a beautiful setting. Which has now led to us even having a pizza oven on our rear courtyard/terrace. Highlighting just how different we try and make ourselves sound.

How did Wolverson help you create your gym?
Back in 2017 Wolverson helped me kit out our first 1000 sq ft facility which we slowly added to it over time, going through multiply different training models and flooring plans. Jordan has always been incredibly helpful and accommodating to what we’re trying to create.

So it was a no brainer when it came to doing it this time around in 2021. You helped with the visuals of how things would look and the custom racks added the personal touch we were looking for. The kit was good before but this time around was another level of quality with better racks, bars, and service to match.

Why did you choose Wolverson Fitness?
Heard good things from a friend originally and then Jordan dealt with all my questions from the off, this time around we spoke about what we wanted and the standard we were looking for. Once you said it was possible with you then there was only one place we we’re ordering from.

What type of equipment did you purchase & why?
We’re fully stocked with Wolverson top to bottom with 5x single racks + 2x double racks. Then plenty of bars, plates, kettlebells, sandbags stored away on storage racks, plus 12 pieces of cardio kit added into the mix from concept 2 and assault fitness. This allows us to remain functional while coaching our members through all movements in our Small Group format with no more than 6 to one coach.

What do you like the most about Wolverson Fitness equipment?
Well built and looks great, customer service has always been ACE and we’ve never had an issue!

Would you recommend Wolverson Fitness to others?
Absolutely, all the time.

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