Built Unique Co

Built Unique Co

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How did Built Unique come about?
Around about two years ago I started following a program called functional bodybuilding, At the time I owned a CrossFit affiliate in my local area of coalfield and started to change the style of training that I was doing personally which led me to coming up the idea of opening a facility which was purely focused on functional bodybuilding and stepping away from CrossFit which led us to creating Built Unique.

How did Wolverson help you create your gym?
Seven years Wolverson ago helped me kit out my first CrossFit affiliate gym. When we came up with the idea of Built Unique the first point of contact was Wolverson because they’re such a good company. They offer everything, it’s a one-stop for all the equipment, so we went to them and they helped us design the gym.
When I made contact with Jordan and Jason we sat down and got a 3D design created using their gym builder. They offered guidance on the floor space and what equipment we would need. We also got in touch with functional bodybuilding in California to make sure all the equipment was up to spec and correct for my programming.

What type of equipment did you purchase & why?
We needed all the different pieces of cardiovascular equipment from Assault Bikes, Concept2 bikes, rowing machines, ski ergs and also the Assault runners. Wolverson had a variation of different Barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells, allowing us to create a facility that was focused on functional bodybuilding, which focuses on fitness but also aesthetics. We wanted some plated loaded machines and dual adjustable cable machines in the upstairs of the gym, giving our personal trainers the flexibility when there are functional classes running on the main floor.

Why did you choose Wolverson Fitness?
My previous gym had Wolverson equipment so I knew straight away I wanted Built Unique to be kitted out with Wolverson. The future plan is to open multiple gyms with the same equipment, so I want our relationship with Wolverson to last long into the future.