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Wolverson Jammer - Landmine Attachment





Train with less injury, the Wolverson Jammer is designed to accomplish the same power output as a traditional Olympic lift, without having the risk of wrong technique which can lead to injuries.

The Wolverson Jammer is a piece of equipment to fit into all type of facilities whether it be CrossFit, S&C, Commercial and even Studios.

Simply attach it into your landmines and you have a niche product to practice a wide range of Olympic, Power and Strength-based movements. 

This product would thrive in all gym environments as it's easily usable, gives more stability during different types of lifts. Keeping less pressure on your wrists as the 360 Degree Rotating handles whilst maintaining a central centre of gravity.  

Train Smarter and Safer with the Wolverson Jammer. 



  • Handles - 360 Degree handle rotation
  • Foot Print- 100cmx60cmx9xcm
  • Weigh- 13kg
  •  350kg Max weight load



Ideal for the non-specialist weightlifter:

For those who want to achieve the same explosive power output as a specialist.

360 Motion Revolving Handles:
Ideal to move with you whilst keeping you anchored on a central point.

Deadlift Technique:
A better centre of gravity helps to improve movement efficiency and posture on the lift.

Romanian Deadlift:
Build hamstring strength for both the one-legged and traditional Romanian deadlift movements.

Floor Press:
Ideal for static pressing and improving power in isolation.

Explosive Jumps:
Add resistance to explosive vertical jumps to improve power output.

Shoulder Pressing:
Improve explosive movements in the push/strict shoulder press with a fixed range of motion optimising your output.

Prone Row:
Push your limits with more load bearing capability and stability.

Workout Complexes:
Full body workouts improving pulling power from the floor to pushing power overhead.

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