The Colossus Series Plate Loaded Seated Row

The Colossus Series Plate Loaded Seated Row

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Bring the power of Hercules to your workout routine with the Colossus Series Plate Loaded Seated Row.

The Colossus Plate Loaded Seated Row is the perfect machine for building a strong back. The adjustable seat and multi-grip handle allow you to use this rowing machine as a great exercise to build a larger and wider back.

This top-of-the-line row machine was designed using human movement as a blueprint, meaning it will work your muscles in the most efficient way possible providing an intense workout that targets all the major muscle groups in your back.

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          The Colossus range is everything you need for your commerical gym, with over 13 pieces of equipment to hit every body part and last a lifetime


          Want your equipment to match your gyms colour scheme? We can custom powder coat your Colossus equipment to any RAL code.