The Colossus Series Chest Press

The Colossus Series Chest Press

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Bring the power of Hercules to your workouts with the Colossus Series Chest Press.

Looking for a heavy-duty chest press that can help you develop a bigger, stronger chest? Look no further than the Colossus Plate Loaded Chest Press.

This machine is built for serious weightlifters, with a large maximum load weight that will let you really isolate your pectoral muscles for maximum development.

And because it also hits the triceps, it's a great exercise that will help you build mass and strength in both your chest and arms.

So if you're ready to take your chest workouts to the next level, the Colossus Plate Loaded Chest Press is the machine for you.

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          Want your equipment to match your gyms colour scheme? We can custom powder coat your Colossus equipment to any RAL code.