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Lacrosse balls / Myofascial release / Mobility tool


Wolverson Lacrosse Ball, perfect for relieving muscle tensions.

For those athletes who require the right kind of muscle treatment. Not only is your body more susceptible to injuries when there is tightness or soreness, but your performance may also decrease.

  • Easy to Use - You can use a lacrosse ball when watching TV, sitting at your desk, or even while lying in bed. The best method is to play around until you find a desired trigger point and slowly relax and let your body weight do the same. If the surface is to hard, and the pressure is giving you pain, try it on a softer surface.
  • Easy to Carry - The ball is no bigger than a tennis ball, and adds very little weight to any gym or personal bag. It’s a perfect massaging tool for anyone traveling, or anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.
  • Effective - These balls can be used on most parts of your body and are very effective in releasing muscle tension.

Diameter - 2 1/4"

Please note: these are not a completely hard ball, they do have a certain amount of "give"

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