Journey of the Gym

After returning from Cardiff due to the lockdown following the completion of my Master's in Strength and Conditioning, I initially set up Kee2Fitness part-time, mainly training friends and family. After a year, things accelerated much faster than expected, which was amazing. I decided to take the leap and go full-time with the gym in 2022. After reaching capacity at our smaller studio, we relocated to a larger premises on the High Street in Wombourne, Wolverhampton. Since then, the Kee2Fitness family has been growing and growing, with employed coaches joining the team and welcoming many more new members to the Kee2Fitness community.

What Equipment Have We Purchased?

We believe in coaching people on how to move their bodies in a variety of different ways while also encouraging them to try activities they wouldn’t normally do in a typical gym to improve their physical and mental health. This is where Wolverson came in perfectly for us. With a full range of hex dumbbells ranging from 1-40kg, all kinds of barbells, conditioning equipment, and sandbags, the team at Wolverson really provides the highest quality equipment with everything we needed to get our members moving and lifting in our coaching environment. All equipment we have in the studio is from Wolverson, as we wanted that high standard to run throughout the gym.

How Wolverson Have Helped

Wolverson have really helped bring the new Kee2Fitness to life. From the initial stages of planning the gym layout to coming in and getting hands-on with the fitting of the studio, the installation of the gym ran smoothly and effectively due to the expertise in the Wolverson team. Additionally, having constant contact with the team regarding ordering extra equipment we needed for our members with quick delivery was great. I cannot fault the Wolverson team; from start to finish, the experience with them has been flawless.

Keetan Patel - Owner of Kee2Fitness