CENTR x HYROX : Our new partnership for the biggest global fitness race!

CENTR x HYROX : Our new partnership for the biggest global fitness race!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Centr to become the official distributor for the brand new CENTR x HYROX product line being launched in the UK.

We will be your one-stop shop for your HYROX training needs by offering the complete line of CENTR x HYROX Official Competitive Products to take functional training to the next level.

We’ve been with HYROX from the beginning, watching it grow into the World's Biggest Fitness Race, and we can’t wait to see how it evolves further with help from Centr. 

Made with durability, aerodynamics, and performance in mind

The line consists of seven key products that will put your fitness skills to the test. From a sleek, aerodynamic Power Sled with interlocking Bumper Plates to a Power Rope, Wall Balls, and an innovative 8-sided Octo Kettlebell, each piece is expertly engineered for HYROX training at home or in the gym, as well as competing on race day.


The CENTR x HYROX Wall Balls are powerfully designed—helping you bring out your inner power. Each ball is individually crafted, stitched, and tested to maximise your grip, so you can end your HYROX race strong. With multiple weight options and a PVC outer shell that’s double stitched at the seams, this durable wall ball will keep its shape as you put it through the ringer. Throw it against the wall, smash it on the ground, and hit the target on race day. It’s the only thing standing between you and the finish line.


The CENTR x HYROX Power Sled is built for efficient training—every detail meticulously designed to help you maximise your effort and achieve your personal best. Crafted from sturdy, commercial-grade steel, the sled features five poles with textured grips and markings for proper hand placement, mirroring competition standards. Its sleek, aerodynamic build is tailored to the turf of Hyrox fitness races, ensuring every push and pull propels you towards victory.


Take control of your training with the CENTR x HYROX Edge Bumper Plate — intelligently built to simplify your most rigorous workouts. The plates are designed to interlock with each other, making it easier to load them on or off the CENTR x HYROX Power Sled. Unlike conventional plates that hit the ground and send tremors across the gym, these plates have been reimagined with a premium soft-touch, damage-resistant, DMF-free coating that mitigates impact noise and vibrations.


Centr have re-engineered the competition kettlebell for a new era of functionality, the all-new CENTR x HYROX Octo Kettlebell. A revolutionary, one-of-a-kind tool that maintains competition specs, its unique ‘octo’ shape maximises its versatility and ensures even weight distribution for the HYROX Farmer’s Carry and more. Forged from cast iron with a damage-resistant coating and a hard chrome plated steel handle for a secure grip, the Octo Kettlebell is ideal for training and competition. With three competition weight options, this revolutionary innovation is set to become the new standard in kettlebells.


Exclusively crafted for your HYROX performance, the CENTR x HYROX Sandbags are engineered with everyday versatility to be your true training companion. Cordura® nylon construction with reinforced double-stitched seams, seven non-slip nylon handles, and dual heavy-duty Velcro® enclosure for durability and longevity, this training tool is made with the athlete in mind. It comes in three different weights, allowing you to control your effort as you engage in race-day Sandbag Lunges or a diverse range of other exercises that will push you to be your best.


The CENTR x HYROX Power Rope is a training essential with a twist—it lets you track your sled-pull progress at a glance, with yellow markings every three meters along its 15-meter length. Every aspect of the rope was purposefully designed to help you elevate your performance, from its no-slip handles to its tightly-woven, fray-proof Dacron® polyester construction. The result: A durable tool that’ll last for the long haul, with functional quality you can trust when you’re giving it your all.


Take aim at your goals, and meet them every day of the week with the CENTR x HYROX Rig Target. Our wall ball rig target is forged from commercial-grade steel, providing a sturdy place to challenge your strength and stamina. Not only is it easy to assemble, it’s precisely engineered to ensure that every rep makes an impact.