Wolverson Energy Bag (20kg)
Wolverson Energy Bag (20kg)
Wolverson Energy Bag (20kg)

Wolverson Energy Bag (20kg)

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No matter your strength, this new Energy Bag is right for you to push yourself in the quest towards getting stronger - plus better conditioning and endurance.

With different handles on each bag for a variety of ways to train, these bags are perfect for anyone from elite athletes all the way down to those who want something more creative than just going through the motions at home.

  • Weighted bags designed to help develop core strength, stability and balance
  • Exterior handles allow for a variety of training styles
  • Ideal for strength training, boxing and MMA
  • 5 handles for different exercises
  • Great for rehabilitation and conditioning exercises
  • Perfect for boot camps and group sessions both indoors and outdoors
  • Please note: these sandbags are not suitable for dragging exercises