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Wolverson Childrens Functional Set

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The perfect start to functional training

More than ever before, young athletes are using functional movements more than ever before for this reason, Wolverson would like to introduce the Wolverson children’s functional set.

This set includes:

The Wolverson 2.5kg Olympic training Barbell

 Ideal for the very young Athlete. It can load up to 40kg, which gives plenty of growing time for the youngest Athlete.

Looks can be deceptive though. This barbell is super high quality, and performs like a full size Olympic Barbell. The sleeves rotate freely, and the knurling is high quality, providing great grip.

This bar is not a toy. It's the real thing! However, at 2.5kg and with a reduced length (122.5 cm total length) it's perfect for the very young children.

1 pair of Bison 1.5 fractional plates

1 x pair of spring collars

An ideal addition for the young athlete

Barbell Cleaning Schedule

Technical Barbell Guidelines

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