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Wolverson 3-Sided Trap Bar



The all-new Wolverson 3-Sided Trap Bar. It can do everything a regular trap bar can plus so much more.

This trap bar utilises an open-ended concept, high/ low barbell handles, and a built-in plate loader jack to create an extremely useful and innovative speciality bar.

The handle on the end is to stand it up so plates can be easily loaded/unloaded - it’s essentially a built-in deadlift jack so you can save your energy for the lifts.

The open-ended design allows for a great increase in movements to be used by the trap bar including lunges, rows, standing and seated presses - it even worked for bicep curls and farmers carriers when tested.

This trap bar is great for a home gym or commercial facility owner as it is such a versatile piece of equipment allowing for multiple movements and exercises.

Unique design, with a high-quality black powder-coated finish and knurled handles.


  • Internal Depth 600mm
  • Internal Width 900mm
  • Total Width 1.8m
  • Weight 45KG

Standard Warranty of 2 Years when used on correct protective flooring.

 Available with Bison Colour Plates (100kg or 150kg, + FREE COLLARS)