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Wall Mounted Wall Ball Storage Racks


Wall Mounted Wall Ball Storage Racks

Wall mounted wall ball holders are designed to keep your gym floor clear of clutter and well organised.

Ideal for any gym with more than a few medicine/wall balls and less than enough storage space. Mounting brackets supplied are 3/16" thick laser-cut steel (come with a set of four shaft collars to keep the steel tube supports in place). 

The units can also be used to store larger slam balls, ab mats, foam rollers and anything else you can think of.

  • 3/16” thick, laser-cut steel brackets
  • 52" / 100" long steel tubes for support

Recommended to be installed into solid masonry walls. However, they can be installed onto plaster/stud walls with additional timber bracing across at least 4 upright timber joists to give extra weight bearing support.

**No bolts included**