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Mens Ultra Bar Package

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The Wolverson Ultra Bar Package includes the Wolverson™ Ultra Men's 20kg 28mm Olympic Bar, Bison Bumper Plates (HI-IMPACT) and Locking Collars 

At Wolverson we have extensively tried and tested our bars, to create an affordable but great quality product.

The increased demands of Crossfit have led us to develop a high quality Olympic bar with great versatility.

The use of 4 quality bearings and a bronze bush per sleeve spreads impact loads and increases sleeve life whilst guaranteeing good rotation for many years of commercial use.

A black electro plated shaft finish prevents corrosion whilst not negatively affecting the knurling.

A PSI rating of 200,000 PSI (*) gives a good whip whilst straightness rating above the industry standard.

We use an independent UK testing laboratory to destruction test our bars and our QA team have visited our manufacturing partners to assure the highest quality product possible.

2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.



Length – 7FT

Weight - 20 kg

Diameter – 28.2 mm

4 needle bearings per sleeve, give a smooth rolling action

Standard Olympic size sleeve (16” long)

Each sleeve is fully serviceable with replaceable bearings.

Non-aggressive Olympic and powerlifting knurling for comfortable lifting and high reps

No centre knurling


This package also includes 150kg of Hi - Impact Bumper plates.



 Brand new to Wolverson Fitness, we're proud to present the latest evolution of our Bison™ Range - Bison™ Hi-Impact Bumper Plates.

A combination hybrid of a virgin rubber and a High-Temp plate, these crumbed rubber bumpers are designed to be extremely durable and long lasting. Maintaining their standard plate thickness allows for a greater loading capacity for heavy dead lifts, while their lower bounce rate and up to 30% noise and vibration reduction makes them perfect for repeated high-intensity usage in any CrossFit box or commercial gym, protecting both themselves and your flooring (remember - If your floors aren't great, use these plates!). With bright colour fleck making them immediately recognisable!

The next generation of Bison plate, the best possible product at the best possible price!

Please Note - 10kg - 25kg Bumper Plates are 45cm Diameter; 5kg Bumper Plates are 40cm.

Plate Thicknesses 

  • 5kg Grey - 33mm
  • 10kg Green - 45mm
  • 15kg Yellow - 65mm
  • 20kg Blue - 75mm
  • 25kg Red - 83mm


  • Recycled crumbed rubber bumper plates suitable for Olympic lifting, CrossFit, plate loaded equipment, prowlers, and much more.
  • Hybrid of a virgin rubber and a High-Temp plate, designed for durability.
  • Lower bounce rate ideal for high-intensity usage, protecting themselves and minimising wear to flooring.
  • Standard plate thickness to allow for a greater loading capacity for dead lifts.
  • Bright colour fleck makes them immediately recognisable!


2 Year Warranty when used on Correct Protective Flooring

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