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Wolverson SB Power Rack

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What's a gym without a trusty squat rack? 💪

Whether you own a commercial facility or a home gym, this multi-function Squat Rack is the perfect option for all of your lifting needs.

The SB Power Rack is the foundation for creating a highly versatile training space in a compact footprint so facilities can maximise their training spaces. ✅

In addition to being strong enough to hold up any weight that you throw at it, this sturdy steel squat rack offers an array of exercises from bench press and squats to hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats, lat pulldowns, bicep curls and tricep pushdowns, pull-ups, chin-ups - so go ahead and start training with this beast! 🐺 👊

New additions include the monolift attachments which allow you to unrack the bar and the counterweight removes the J-Hooks from the bar path. This allows you to concentrate solely on your squat and not the walk-out. Save your strength for those PBs! 😉

The Combo Power Rack also comes with Roller J-hooks which allow you to adjust the barbell and centre it properly with ease before each lift, and it also protects the barbell from being scratched and damaged when adjusting its position in the rack.

  • Monolift Attachments
  • Roller J-hooks
  • Adjustable Hi-low Pulley
  • Single-Leg Roller
  • Hip Thrust Pad
  • Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar
  • Overall Height - 2150mm
  • Overall Width - 1200mm (not including pegs)
  • Overall Depth - 2026mm