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The Bison Prowler


The Bison Prowler

 The Bison Prowler has been totally redesigned to fit into any functional environment.

A fantastic addition to individual and group training regimes, the Wolverson prowler is perfect for push exercises to enhance muscular engagement and develop strength in your legs, hips, core and arms. Solid, sturdy and reliable, this top quality, heavy duty, piece of equipment is compact, tough, and versatile enough for push, pull and speed training on almost any surface, and is great for cooperative team workouts.

The new design now allows effortlessness storage and movement with a built in handle and cavity, so plates can be loaded and removed with ease, saving valuable time when using the prowler in any interval training.

Added with a ladder system similar to what’s found in the Wolverson Power sled the unique design of the ladder sections on the prowler combines the multiple options available, The ladder also has the ability to use a wider, narrow and deeper grip.

Add to Bison prowler versatility using a Wolverson harness pack


  • Height – 83cm
  • Width - 57cm
  • Length – 75cm
  • Weight loadable – 50cm
  • Total weight 37kg

 Also available with a shoulder harness pack


**Plates not included**