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Mini Resistance Band Tone Loops Set


One set of four Mini bands which are excellent for activating the glutes, shoulder stabilisation exercises, leg extensions and lateral steps.


Wolverson Mini Bands are made from 100% top layer quality latex and have a multi-layered latex construction which helps prevent the likelihood of breakages that can be experienced with cheaper single layer single bonding bands! Therefore if these bands defect, they would peel rather than snap suddenly.

This set covers a range of resistance which allow users progression.

 Can be used for

  • Aerobics
  • Stretching
  • Flexibility exercises
  • General conditioning
  • Prehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Glute Activation work
  • Lateral Steps


  • Orange: Light - 12"  LFL  x 0.025" Wall Thickness x 1.50"  Width Fit
  • Yellow: Medium - 12"  LFL  x 0.025" Wall Thickness x 2.00"  Width Fit-Loop
  • Green: Heavy - 12"  LFL  x 0.032" Wall Thickness x 2.00"  Width Fit-Loop
  • Blue: Extra Heavy - 12"  LFL  x 0.045" Wall thickness  x 2.00"  Width Fit-Loop

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