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GUN-eX Core Machine



Core and upper body workout

Core and upper body workout designed to improve your core stability, coordination, explosiveness, striking, rotational and asymmetrical movements.

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Core Machine trainer education in Puerto Rico

Recommended for:

  • Fitness clubs as a part of circuit training
  • PT trainers and coaches
  • Home use

Get CORE MACHINE if you need to develop core muscle strength and DSS or improve dynamic movement of your upper body.

It’s a perfect tool for coaches and PT trainers, it can be used as a part of circuit training. CORE MACHINE is a great choice if you can’t a ord to get QUATTRO. It comes in a convenient gym sack for easy transportation.

Rope resistance:

Core Machine comes with 2 ropes, one has resistance of 100 N, other one has resistance of 160 N.

You can use either of two ropes to make your workout easier or harder, or you can combine them both together to make it extra hard.

  • 100 N is a rough equivalent of 10 kg/22 lbs force when extended to maximum length.
  • 160 N is a rough equivalent of 16 kg/35 lbs force when extended to maximum length.

Training benefits:

  • Train core muscles and muscle coordination.
  • Perfect for improving DSS, obliques, abs and lower back muscles.
  • Great for striking and dynamic upper body exercises.
  • Get toned and lean. Incinerate calories!

GUN-eX® ropes features:

  • High safety standards, the most durable materials guaranteed
  • Safety sleeve made from water and abrasion resistant CORDURA, military grade straps, parachute threads
  • Variable anchoring for outdoors and indoors
  • Climbing carabiners tested for extreme forces
  • Body attachments padded with neoprene for comfort
  • Training manual with basic workouts included
  • Access to online library of training exercises

CORE MACHINE package includes:

  • 2 x Core Machine rope (1 x light, 1 x heavy resistance)
  • 1 x Wooden Bar
  • 1 x Anchor strap with rubber door stop
  • 1 x Sack pack
  • 1 x Training manual

Technical specification:

Rope length 1.2 m = 4 ft
Maximum length 4 m = 13 ft
Weight 1.7 kg = 3.7 lbs
Resistances Combi 100 / 160 N (comes with 1x 100N and 1x 160N rope)
Safety Sleeve Cordura
Anchor, straps military grade, parachute threads

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GUN-eX® Training System in action.