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Competition Russian Kettlebells MK1

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Competition Russian Kettlebell

Not all Competition Kettlebells are created equal...

Our Competition Russian Kettlebells, whilst still adhering to international standards, are unique in design. Standard Competition Kettlebells generally have a handle clearance of around 5.5 - 6.5cm depending on brand - this shorter gap can create clearance issues around the forearm whilst in use.

In 2012, Wolverson invested in tooling which allowed us to produce a Competition Kettlebell with a handle clearance of 7.5cm - This extra clearance means a much more comfortable fit around the forearm whilst in use, whilst at the same time providing an easy grip for exercises such as Goblet Squats and Halos. Wolverson's design also created an extra large base for added stability.

These features have led to our kettlebells being internationally recognised by leading experts including Mike Mahler, and Steve Cotter and the IKFF, and other leading exercise and exercise bodies throughout the UK. Combining performance, comfort, and durability at a great price, there's no better than Wolverson Competition Kettlebells.

"Because I teach kettlebell workshops and instructor certification courses all over the world and pay close attention to the precise application of the exercise techniques, precision is very important in the kettlebell that I use in the courses. A poorly made kettlebell that is not balanced well or has ill shaped or poorly finished handles has a negative impact on the practice of the kettlebell lifts. Fortunately the Wolverson Competition Kettlebells are some of the very best quality kettlebells I have used, anywhere in the world. They are well made with quality and attention to details, are priced right and they provide excellent service. I recommend strongly the Wolverson brand kettlebells and am proud to be associated with such a high quality product line."

Please Note - This model now comes with a Textured Finish Handle. 


With so many Kettlebells on the market today - why pick Wolverson's Competition Russian Kettlebells ?

  • The ergonomic handles have a uniform clearance and shape  across the range
  • The kettlebells are finished with a single coat of paint to reduce possible wear and tear
  • The kettlebells are colour coded for ease of identification
  • Provide a Stable base for floor work
  • Buy with confidence from the UK's largest kettlebell seller

Additional benefits

  • Large stable base - suitable for all drills - eg Renegade Rows, Bear Walks etc. - no unstable rubber feet!
  • Extremely strong and durable construction
  • Ergonomic design means our bells fit comfortably on the forearm and minimise impact
  • Standard size for all Kettlebells between 8 and 48 kg increases the speed of your learning curve as you progress
  • Colour coded for ease of identification

Wolverson kettlebells are the products behind the United Kingdom's top kettlebell instructors and courses. We have supplied Kettlebells across the UK, and carry a rolling stock of at least 20 tonnes. For expert advice and the best prices look no further.

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