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Important notice: to get your equipment in time for Christmas please order by the 9th December.
Important notice: to get your equipment in time for Christmas please order by the 27th November.

Competition Kettlebells (MK2)

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The Wolverson Competition Kettlebell 

Taking our unrivalled experience with the UK National Kettlebell Teams as well as our extensive manufacturing knowledge Wolverson set out to create a new competition legal training Kettlebell suitable for not only Girevoy sport but general strength and conditioning work.

Our new Kettlebell is created using modern casting techniques resulting in a single piece casting with no welding and a lifetime warranty (*) on the structure. 

With improved weight distribution and class-leading tolerance (+/- 150 g) the new model is solid and durable.

The handle area for the KB as also been reshaped with a new diameter of 34mm meaning that the KB is legal for all National Federations.

This has also resulted in improved ergonomics and given athletes increased room for hand insertion when compared to the GS model, this subtle change in the shape has enhanced the contact area for athletes with larger hands/forearms whilst still providing great clearance for general conditioning exercises.  

The new vibrant colour scheme adheres to the standard convention of colour coding for weight.

We firmly believe that these synergistic changes and revisions mean that this is the ultimate competition training kettlebell, resulting in better and more productive training with maximised results.

Available in the following weights:










How does the MK2 version differ from the GSU Competition style?

These two kettlebells are very similar in design - with a few differences...

  • Handle finish - slight texture finish on the GSU
  • Slightly thinner handle thickness on the MK2 (34mm), compared to the GSU (35mm)
  • More handle clearance  on the MK2 (70mm), compared to 60mm on the GSU
  • Same inner handle width on both (11.5cm)


* Wolverson provide a lifetime warranty on kettlebell structure for the original owner.

**If ordering a 36kg (or heavier) Kettlebell, feel free to contact us for a shipping quote!

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