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AirRunner & AirBike Package

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Assault AirBike & AirRunner Package

Amazing new package by Wolverson Fitness for the brand new Assault AirBike and Assault AirRunner - only £3,849.00 including VAT and free delivery to UK Mainland!

Wolverson Fitness is the official authorised UK distributors of Assault Fitness products.
We provided all the Assault AirBike and AirRunners at Strength in Depth 2019 for all the athletes to use in competition (see below.)

Assault AirRunner

Let us introduce the Beast

Wolverson are proud to exclusively offer Assault AirRunner as the Authorised  UK Distributor!

The premiere elite fitness running machine packing an intense workout into a small package.
The name says it all: Like running on air, but with a powerful amount of punch. This treadmill is like none you have ever known, burning up to 30% more calories than the average motorised version and built with intense training in mind.
Assault AirRunner product demonstrations are available at our showroom.



Assault AirRunner

A remarkable feature, the AirRunner runs on your energy, with zero electrical consumption and a low carbon footprint. You’ll be amazed at what a hardcore workout can come from the power of your own two feet. The AirRunner is also the lightest treadmill available with a 33” width.









Because the Assault team knows the effectiveness of interval training, our treadmill was designed with HIIT in mind. Burning up to 30% more calories than a motorised treadmill, users can change speeds at will. In addition, this bad-boy has no maximum speed, so feel free to push it as hard as possible.


The AirRunner is well-appointed to kick your a** for years, built with a steel frame and handrails, corrosion resistant hardware, and a slat belt running surface that lasts up to 150,000 miles. That’s right – that’s not a typo: 150,000. There’s no need for you to adjust the belt tension or replace the deck. This treadmill is the easiest to maintain that you’ll find anywhere.


ALL (cm)
L (cm)
W (cm)
H (cm)
WT (kg)
177.56L x 83.3W x 162.6H



  • 3 years parts
  • 1 year labour 


  • Finance is available on this product for businesses (subject to approval). Please contact us for more details.

Assault AirRunner: The Premiere Running Machine

Assault AirRunner: Unboxing and Assembly


Assault AirBike

Perfected through years of design innovation and feedback, the Assault AirBike combines all the best features of a traditional fan bike and reinforces them for the ultimate machine.

The bike provides a diverse and virtually unlimited workout to meet the needs of different individuals by challenging their ability and strength.

Using air resistance, the Assault AirBike scales automatically to keep up with you as you push, pull and pedal with greater force and speed - the greater the resistance, the greater the benefits!

The bike’s unique design and on-board programming offers an endless variety of workout options, and can be used just as effectively for pre/post workout warm up/cool-downs. The Assault AirBike also shines as a post-injury rehabilitation tool, as it allows isolation/integration of the legs/arms at a personalised pace.

Crisp and clear LCD display, large buttons and quick keys offer faster access to the on-board programs and can be swapped out in a flash. Choose from high intensity intervals, or set a target distance goals. Integrated messaging to help inspire you keeps the workout fresh and motivating, while Outputs include Watts; Calories; Distance; Speed; Time; Odometer; Heart Rate Monitor, RPM, and Interval Training options.

All these great features built around a heavy-duty powder coated steel frame, stabilised to prevent side-to-side movement when in high use, with a comfortable Hybrid seat, reinforced pedals and crank with sealed cartridge bearings.

Keep it mellow and level to target a heart rate range, or jump into a high-intensity interval session to push your limits and leave you exhausted! Whatever you need, the Assault AirBike offers you the ultimate cardio and calorie-burning tool.

Each purchase also comes with a collection of helpful maintenance documents and advice on keeping your bike in top condition.

Now also available with Water Bottle Holder and Wind Shield attachments.

The Mk 2 version boasts the new and improved lower crank arm bearing system. This negates any issues associated with the Mk 1 version.


  • Heavy-Duty High-Tensile Steel Frame and solid rubber footings provide greater stability and eliminates side-to-side movement during high-speed stretches
  • Industrial Powder Coating on frame for durability
  • Six-Way Adjustable Hybrid Seat provides comfortable positioning to properly fit all users
  • 25 inch diameter steel fan delivers maximum resistance
  • Reinforced pedals and crank with 25 Sealed-Cartridge Bearings ensure smooth operation and durability
  • LCD Screen Outputs - Watts; Calories; Distance; Speed; Time; Odometer; Heart Rate Monitor, RPM, and Interval Training options
  • Space & Weight

    • Dimensions (Assembled): 50.9”L x 23.3”W x 48.4”H (cm 129.4L x 59.3W x123H)
    • Dimensions (Boxed): 51.25”L x 11.25”W x 35.3”H (cm 130.2L x 28.4W x89.7H)
    • Weight (Assembled): 98.1lbs (44.5Kg)
    • Weight (Boxed): 109.1lbs (49.5kg)
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY on Parts / 5 Year Warranty on Welds

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