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Active Strap Training System (AST)


Active Strap Training System (AST)

The Active Strap Training System (AST) is a hugely versatile package you can easily install and use almost anywhere. With a dual strap suspension system allowing easy adjustment of handle width just like Olympic Rings, the AST has been created to ensure the straps give you maximum freedom of movement, allowing you to perform pull-ups and dips with ease without any rubbing on the arms.

The system is superbly mobile, with specially designed Door Anchors built into the straps and locking system, meaning no extra parts to carry. The ability to alter the width of the system results in better comfort when training and more effective results for you and your clients.

Made in the UK to exacting standards, the system is packed with great features, super tough, and at a great price!


  • Two industrial strength suspension straps each with a load capacity of 225kg
  • Two integrated handles/foot strap
  • Three anchoring methods built into the system meaning no lost components or hidden costs
  • AST storage string-draw bag